Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Afternoon on the Arbat

I took these pictures yesterday when I was looking for a new cup for Annie. Enjoy!

I love the unexpected rainbow palette of paint you find on Moscow buildings... Such a contrast to New York! This row of homes above reminds me of the meltaway mints you get in America, the kind with little white balls of sugar on one side...

I walked down a side street from the New Arbat St. to the pedestrian Old Arbat. (I went by our old church, Jeannie... I'd have taken a picture, but the lighting was all wrong. Wouldn't you know it that I then bumped into Jane at Starbucks? Moscow is truly starting to feel small).

The weather sure was different than this day when we spent with with our friends Jerry and Jeannie in January of 2005! We were surprised to encounter a veritable "Snowman City" that had popped up... Over a hundred of them, easily. Aren't the snowmen--and women--incredibly cool???! (Forgive the pun). The "Grandma and Grandpa" are so sweet... and the use of twigs to create a beard is one I'll remember to copy one day!

Back to warmer weather... The yellow buildings literally glowed in the warm sun.

Doesn't this next picture evoke the old Sesame Street song "One of these things is not like the other... One of these things just doesn't belong..."????!

I'll close on a "footwear" note. Spring--and spring fashion--seem to be spurring talk of shoes elsewhere in the blogosphere... This pair's for you, Elle! The golden statue is of Natalya Goncharova, wife of beloved Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. (Incidentally, today I wore my adorable new black heels--Simple for JJill--and my feet are not very happy... They had looked and felt delightfully cushy--after nine hours of standing, I can tell you that they're not. It was so nice getting away with my tall leather boots all winter! When you're on your feet all day teaching, comfortable shoes are a necessity! I've been trying to fight the frump and copy my colleagues' shoe style--and heels--but oh, the pain...)


Tina in CT said...

How come you didn't go this winter to see the snowmen/snowwomen village? I loved all those pictures.

Can we go there when I come for Xmas as that street was so charming?

Anonymous said...

hehe, had to pick the worst pic of me ever, huh? well, that may not be the worst, but close to it....i never looked good in hats, not photogenic at all really ; ) we remember that day on the arbat very well, esp the "cold" which was the worst i had ever felt (up to that time at least). i just showed em the pics (she is home sick from school) and she said she remembered seeing the snowmen too. i'll send you an email so I can write more. love the pics, thanks for sharing ;)


Rachael said...

Beautiful pictures! Your new(ish) camera?

Annie said...

You are such a peach. And I'm glad you made a photographic adventure of your trip. I spent many an hour on the Arbat and this past year with what should have been wonderfully comfortable sandals, but which were NEW and therefore broke Rachael's law, and provided me with my own punishment.

The snowman with the beard made me laugh out loud! I'd like to know him!

Muddy said...

Love the snowmen...very cool

Anonymous said...

Buy yourself a pair of Mephistos for school and walks, and ignore the Russian attitude toward shoes!
Why in the world Natalya Goncharova is naked?

Elle said...

And honestly, who doesn't love a good pair of gold shoes.