Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Can I Get You Anything, Honey?

Lyalya is feeling much, much better than Asya this morning. She's doing fine, though. I ended up sleeping with her on my chest for three hours this morning; she had been crying (meowing) at 2 a.m. and being held made her feel better. Lyalya keeps coming to check on her... They are so sweet... Now she's sound asleep.

And I'm off to work. (School vacation is over).


Tina in CT said...

Please put on Ofoto so I can order them for the kitten scrapbooks that I am making for the girls. The pictures are so sweet.

Muddy said...

Sweet pictures of your kitties. Hope they are feeling better.

Tina in CT said...

It just dawned on me that the sun is actually shinning through your windows on the cats. That means that winter is over in Moscow with gray skies.

garnet said...

Gorgeous photos. I miss having cats in the house. One of ours died shortly before we moved to Kenya and we were supposed to bring the second one over but it seemed the rules had changed since our neighbors had done so, so it didn't happen and sadly she died of cancer about a year ago.

We inherited the cat belonging to the former occupants of our house, but I haven't really bonded with her. We also picked up another cat who comes for the food. She seems really sweet and I'd love to have her in the house but right now my husband is saying no.

We had thought this would be our last year and Larissa was fine with that because she'd gotten convinced that when we moved she was going to be allowed to have a "baby cat". Don't think she was actually promised that but I suppose it could be allowed.