Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Cup of Happiness

Today I bought this...

...because the other day my friend Annie had posted about this.

Her son Zhenya accidentally broke her favorite cup, the one she had managed to bring back from Russia. She really loved that cup... but of course she loves her son so much more! Her wise and compassionate reaction to Zhenya's dismay touched my heart: "Zhen! It is just a Russian cup! I don't care! What is important is my Russian boy!!"

So today it was my pleasure to search for another special cup for Annie. I'll keep looking, Annie, until I find the right one! Is this close? They had two more I could also get as "back-ups." It only cost 320 rubles. Chris might be able to mail it to you when he's in California on business in three weeks; if not, I'll mail it to you when I arrive in Connecticut in June.

While I'm at it, you had mentioned wishing you had purchased a painted bread box when you were here... I found these three pretty ones (the front panel opens and the inside has shelving):

You had mentioned that your kitchen has green in it, so I'm guessing that you would prefer this one:

If you'd like it, it's 1350 rubles and I could bring it back in June.

And Mom... Here's a peek at one of your birthday presents... (I know I've given you a Gzhel dachshund before, but this one looked a little different).

I was already near the Arbat to buy cheddar cheese, so I didn't go out of my way, Annie. I'm glad to help. Oh... and I'm always happy to have an excuse to walk near--and of course into-- the one Starbucks here in the city's center!


Rachael said...

Oh, you're a gem. Can I send you a shopping list too? (Kind of kidding...kind of not. :)).

Tina in CT said...

I LOVE the delft looking doxie and it's different than the one you had bought me. I need to buy a small wall hung curio for my doxie collection. Thank you!

The cup is beautiful as are the painted break boxes.

I love all the hand painted Russian and Swedish things.

Anonymous said...

we have a russian collegue coming to visit next week and I have asked him to bring the starbucks mugs, but iam not sure if he can. if not, i'll let you know b/c i "must" have them ; )


Annie said...

The doggy for your mom is adorable! The cutest gzel animal I've seen, I think.

The cup makes me cry! To think there is such kindness! That cup will, I think, mean even more to me because it reflects such a generous and thoughtful gesture on the part of someone I've come to admire in so many ways - I really have tears in my eyes.

The breadbox is wonderful. It will be my birthday present. I'll e-mail you to find out how to get the money to you.

garnet said...

How beautiful that cup is -- I love blue and white together.

And the bread boxes are stunning!