Monday, April 7, 2008

Getting Liesel

The weekend trip to Cecelia's in New York went splendidly. You can read more their time at Cecelia's blog. After spending some time with the puppy, my mom has pretty much decided that "she's a Liesel." Incidentally, that's the name that won on my poll, so thanks!


Rachael said...

I like "Leisel".

I was wondering if she would be called Grandma Leisel now?

If so, that makes choosing the name all that more important!

Rachael said...

(she being your mom...since she used to be Grandma Struesel)

garnet said...

Oh, I do like Leisel!

Anonymous said...

Tina, enjoy your new family member ; ) She is adorable and will bring you lots of happiness ; )


Tina in CT said...

I spoke with Katya last night and told her that I still want to be called Grandma Streusel. She told me that I need to be Grandma Streusel as they loved Streusel and that's who I am.

I had been leaning towards the name Liesel and she looks like a Liesel.

Thanks for the comments.

She was NOT happy this morning when I shut the door on her crate. She cried and cried. She probably was saying that she wanted to be back in NY with her Nanny going to work with her. I'll go home at lunchtime to let her out and give her attention before going back to work.

Anonymous said...

You have your hands full now!
I think you will love name Leisel, it is so sweet, and the puppy looks just like it.

Cecelia said...

Leisel is such a sweet name for the perfect puppy.

Lori said...

Cute name, I like it.