Friday, April 18, 2008

Just Didn't Feel Like It...

Is it something in the air? This week I just didn't feel like blogging... Sleep was more important... Didn't even feel up to sitting at the computer, period.

Neither did Rachael.

Nor Holly (but she still managed to post, despite herself!).

Well, I'm back. Won't be writing anything requiring a lot of effort, though. I have a really big week ahead of me (and I'm coming off of some doozies).

On my own with the kids and it's still quite difficult these days... Had our first warm days--it got as warm as 60 F outside--and it was already 93 F and HUMID in our apartment since we can't open our windows--UGH!!!!!!... Katya has been home sick... Was thrilled that we'd be able to go on a much-needed vacation again this year to Turkey--only to learn that it most likely won't be possible due to Chris's schedule... Resigned from current job (once school year ends) and am negotiating the terms of my new one (teaching in the high school of Katya's school full time next year)... Teaching sample French class and visiting other classes as part of the negotiation process for that job(squeezing that into my already packed schedule)... Katya's piano recital is this Tuesday... Chris leaves Tuesday a.m. for two weeks in America so I'll truly be on my own... Still working in my runs so I can follow the C25K plan to prepare me for a 5K race... Learned of an unexpected, very sad and pointless death via SMS in between classes while at work (I'll write about it separately).

Oh, yeah... And I'm going to be interviewed IN RUSSIAN about health care in the USA versus in Russia--on the Russian equivalent of CNN on Wednesday morning before work. When I agreed to appear, I didn't realize just how in-depth the questions would be--or that it would be in Russian. Somehow I have to prepare for this, and I'm scared silly. Some of the questions make me uncomfortable, which makes it that much more difficult... I'm not going to talk about what types of medical care my family receives on international television! (I'll tell the interviewer beforehand to please drop any personal questions).

Had to squeeze in a haircut/color today--my only chance before being filmed.

And now I'm gonna herd the kiddos off to bed! (Which is becoming increasing difficult as the sun sets later and later. We're so far north that by June the sun will still be out past 10 p.m.--maybe even closer to 11 p.m.)


Rachael said...

Hey, very cool about the TV interview. Will you tape it? (Not that I'll understand much of it...but it'd still be cool to see!)

Good luck! Or break a leg, whatever! :)

garnet said...

Good luck with the interview. I wouldn't like to talk about health care in any language.

And with the new job. Hope it will be something of a better environment this time. I imagine it will be really nice to be at the same school as your kids.

Annie said...

Frankly, I have NO IDEA how you got the time or energy to post! Wow. You are amazing. I'd be scared silly to be interviewed in ENGLISH.

I remember being in Russia this time of year - and not only was it light late, but it was light early, too!

I have a hard enough time getting the children to bed when it gets dark at 9. Everyone is sleep-deprived. Not good.

Good news about the new job!

kate said...

Where is Katya in school? Just curious if it's AAS.

The light here is already getting to me. Last week it was light until 9:45. We're about to enter sleep-deprivation-seaon. Fun.

HRH said...

I read this post a few days ago on my reader but am just getting around to comment...but it was funny this last week several other blogs I read were having some sort of spring fever too. I quoted you once or twice in comments. It is weird how just a day or two off has revived me...and it looks like the same happened to you!