Thursday, April 3, 2008

"Not at all having no babies."

Natalia made this yesterday at school. "Asya is not at all having no baybiys (babies). She has a cowt (coat) on. She is tired and sad. Natalia." Natalia is still quite angry that Asya won't be having kittens. Oh, well... Focusing on Asya's new penchant for dress-up clothing (the body wrap that keeps her from eating her stitches) has distracted her... Luckily I caught her before she tried to put different fashions on the poor recuperating cat...

On a different note, I can only imagine the stories that Natalia's teacher comes across when she gives the children this assignment: "Draw a picture and write about it." Hmmm... I'm sure some of those stories don't end up making it home!


Tina in CT said...

With some of the things that she comes out with, I can only imagine what the stories are at preschool.

She did a very good job with her story and writing.

Thank goodness there won't be any kittens.

Rachael said...

That is some pretty good writing for preschool! Way to go Natalia.

(and too funny).

When our Spot got "fixed" about a week after she started feeling better, she sat at the door crying to get out because she saw some birds. The kids said, "oh, no, the operation was a failure! she still wants to go get pregnant!" I assured them she just was interested in the birds and that I was confident (much to their sadness) that the operation had been a success. I still think they don't full understand she had a kitty hysterectomy. I think they think that the surgery was like a lobotomy of sort to take away the "wanting" to have babies! Ha. I've got a lot of explaining to do yet.

garnet said...

Oh, too funny. You may have a future author on your hands!