Friday, April 4, 2008

"Not My Job"

Do any of you ever listen to the "Not My Job" game on NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me"? I saw this today, had to look twice to make sure I had seen correctly, and instantly thought of that game...

I am SO glad that this is NOT my job.

Construction on this kilometer squared complex of business towers, Moscow-City, began in 1996 and is slated to end in 2012. Chris will be moving to one of the towers next year when his office relocates. There will even be an aquapark in one of the structures! It will be pretty easy to get to by car; it's located on the third ring road. Daily commuting, however, will be more of a pain because he'll need to make multiple subway or bus transfers (guess he'll cab it most mornings).


Annie said...

Wonderful photos! I'm glad it is not my job, too! I wonder how many people it takes to do all those windows? Amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love this program, but you have to admit that no matter how far they push their guests they never push them that far over the edge!
Great pictures.

garnet said...

Oh, my!

Sadly, I can't say that I'm familiar with the show -- somehow my husband doesn't seem to have picked up NPR here.

However, just looking at this makes me sick. I must be getting old as I used to be much better about heights. I walked all the way across the top of a Roman aquaduct in France when I was in college (no rails) and yet just this past Friday I was having trouble breathing crossing a bridge (a bridge that wasn't too high to allow some of our staff to jump off into the water below -- though the force of the fall knocked the shirt off one of the guys).