Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Oh, My Goodness! And without a Wand!

Look what I just walked in on. I was so shocked that I left to get my camera bag. Katya gladly obliged me with some photo ops and footage.

I cannot believe my eyes or ears.

This is the kid who fought me tooth and nail last June about trying to read Level 1 Kindergarten "Getting Ready to Read" readers.

Asya is enjoying the show herself, too. (She has pretty much recovered fully from being spayed last week; she can easily jump to the high bunk and before long I'll forget about what was performed in my kitchen).


Tina in CT said...

That is fantastic and Katya, I'm so happy that you love reading so much! Harry Potter at her age is quite a feat! Way to go girl!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and welcome to the club Katya!
And she does not need the wand.

Christine said...

Reading is awesome. I only have three out of 10 that love to read. The others feel it is a chore.

garnet said...

Way to go, Katya! Now if you could only meet my Larissa and teach how great it is to read. (Though she is doggedly working her way through "Prince Caspian" again, this time on her own.)