Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Potential Terrorist??!

Yesterday when Chris flew to the USA on business, a rather unpleasant surprise awaited him at Customs and Immigration in New York. Those little rooms off beyond the checkpoint? He was pulled over and into one. The officer then informed him that his name has been added to the official "watch" list. And will be indefinitely. The problem? He has one of the most common names on the planet. Truly. There's a reason he goes by his middle name.

Chris has been "flagged." The officer at least let Chris know that there's some process he can go through with the State Department to clear this up--but he hardly has the spare time to deal with this! If he doesn't, however, he can expect trouble every time he travels to and from the USA.


Then again, what's the big deal? He always travels to the USA on his own. Being quickly detained is nothing compared to traveling on my own with both girls--and then packing us up to head back to Russia with six months (or more) of supplies...


Tina in CT said...

Sort of like the driver's license nightmare to clear up because of the common name.

His being pulled aside is peanuts compared with your shopping for the family for 6 months, packing it up and travelling with the girls.


Anonymous said...

please dont joke about this - seriously....

miss you!

Nataliya said...

Oh no! I hope it will be cleared before his next trip!

garnet said...

We've got a staff member that has this problem as well. His first name I can understand but I was surprised by the last: it's a fairly common English first name. Apparently it is one that is used regularly as an alias.

I know he's had a challenging time getting this cleared up -- I think he's put in requests several times or done whatever he needs to do -- but the problem keeps popping back up. Maybe there are several different lists he's on? I really hope your husband is successful getting it taken care of because I know it is no fun.