Saturday, April 12, 2008

Puberty at Age 7; Thanks for Your Comments

Hi, y'all..

Thanks so much for all the comments!

Basically, to answer everyone (don't know how else to, since I don't know if you'd go back and read the comments from yesterday again):

Yes, I'm sure that Katya truly does need deodorant now. She's now got hips, too. As for her temperament, she has been a drama queen since she could walk, but nowadays it's different. She's so moody, and I can see that it scares her. She can't control herself and it's as if she's being possessed by mood demons. It's been so rough lately that I've seriously considered canceling our trip to Connecticut--or at least not having the girls attend summer camp for the three week session (no way to do it for fewer weeks). Yes, they need that time with native English-speaking peers, but I know that living with a volatile child in the house is not going to be easy for my mom... And Katya can't handle any more stress right now... (That being said, Mom, we can make it work--but please be prepared and know that both Katya and I are doing our absolute best). She had so many meltdowns today that it took me FOUR HOURS to get us out of the house to go to the gym.* I could have forced her to leave sooner, but I tried to help her by having her go write in her journal at each meltdown, trying to keep it from escalating to an all-out physical fight (which it would have been had I actually dragged her from the apartment).

I don't have much faith in our pediatrician here, so I'll make an appointment with a doctor my friend highly recommends for when we're in CT this summer. Then we'll see what our options are about trying to slow down Katya's physical development. I'm hesitant to have her on more medication, but I'm certainly open to learning about what's best for her. I'll definitely ask you for advice/support if I need it, Rachael; thanks for offering.

About her diet, Kate... I do use Russian beef, but I only buy it from Azbuka Vkusa, and we only eat it every other week at most. Katya basically doesn't eat any meat other than fish on a regular basis, and that's imported. (The only other option for quality beef would be the ground beef sold at Stockmann that comes from the cattle raised for McDonald's--but it's $30/pound!)

*I had hoped to have us spend the afternoon in a nearby forest... Or at the park... But we headed to the GYM because they have a children's room there... And I got to work out for an hour ON MY OWN. AL-LE-LU-JAH! Both girls were very worn out by swimming, too... When we got home, they quickly ate (reheated leftovers) and went right to bed. We were able to skip the joy of bath time since they had already showered!!!! I'm now into Week Two of my running workouts... And today I added on time on the Stairmaster and rowing machine. Natalie--they have those cool machines with personal television sets that you love! The channels leave a lot to be desired, but it's better than nothing!

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kate said...

Hang in there. Just mentioned the beef because we've been warned off it--due to hormones. (I don't eat red meat anyway, so it's no bother. But, several of our international families have a hard time with that one.) That would just have been such an easy fix that I had to ask. ;>