Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Snip, Snip

Edited at 7:11 p.m., 7:42 p.m., 8:22 p.m. and 11:36 p.m.

As I write, a Russian vet is in my kitchen spaying Asya. On the girls' blue Ikea table. I kid you not. Next up is Sasha (Lyalya). He will not be happy with the results. I had been waiting to use my friend's vet (who also comes your home), but I couldn't put it off any longer--today the two cats woke up with only one thing on their minds and loudly made sure we knew what they were thinking. As crazy as it sounds that our cat is having major surgery in the kitchen, I feel safer having her there than at a Russian facility... They are nasty and I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving our animals anywhere here.

I can't believe how incredibly easy it was to orchestrate this. I called the place recommended by our local cat/dog supply shop, they asked a few questions, and the vet arrived at our home four hours later (we had to wait four hours to ensure the cats hadn't eaten or drank anything).

It's unfortunate our appointment is at dinnertime, though... I'll be able to quickly heat up the girls' food in the microwave in between surgeries. I will not be serving meatballs or hotdogs as I'd originally planned. (That is not an attempt at a bad joke. I truly had planned our meals a few days ago and decided to rethink those choices this afternoon).

I will feel a whole lot better about all of this once it's over because we sure do love those two cats... Katya isn't home yet; I pray she reacts OK to the fact that the cats are having "a visit with the doctor" in the kitchen and we're not allowed in. (I could go in, but I do not want to). The doctor even said I could take pictures, but I'll pass. I'm sure you are all thanking me for it!

The total cost is 3,500 rubles/$148. How much would it cost to get a cat spayed and a cat neutered in the USA?

7:11 p.m.
Asya's surgery went well and she is now recovering in her kitten house. The anesthesia is wearing off and she seems OK so far. The vet was so ingenious... He showed me how to cut up an old t-shirt to make leg openings and then lace it up her back to protect the stitches (you'll see later on). He's now working on Lyalya. It felt really, really weird to be dishing out the girls' dinners while Lyalya was getting prepped!!! The girls are watching tv, thankfully unaware that the doctor is doing more than "just looking" at the cats.

7:42 p.m.
Lyalya's surgery is now done, too. The doctor was here for two hours and twenty minutes. Lyalya is resting and the anesthesia is wearing off. Uh-oh--the girls are freaked out that the cats' eyes are open while they're asleep; I need to go reassure them.

8:22 p.m.
The girls have calmed down, cats are still resting and all is fine.

11:36 p.m.
Both cats have now moved around. Asya is still pretty out of it, but she's awake enough to show how much she hates her "shirt." Lyalya was still drugged enough that he couldn't blink--but he managed to try to jump up to Katya's top bunk bed to be comforted by her. Unfortunately, he didn't have the strength to make his usual jump--and one of his claws got stuck in Katya's arm while he literally hung off the side of the bed! THE SHRIEKING was unbelievable! We are incredibly lucky that the puncture in Katya's arm stopped bleeding and that she didn't freak out as much as expected because she realized that Lyalya's attempt to jump up that high while drugged was a real testament to how much he loves her and feels comforted when with her.


Natalie said...

I paid $250 for each of my girl cats to get fixed AND declawed. It was very traumatic for the whole fam..my husband and I, me-because I was sad for their little fingers, and Adam-because the one cat was too lazy and in too much pain to walk to the litter box, she kept peeing on Adams side of the bed... I hope its ok that I have voted several times. every time I come, I vote.

Tina in CT said...

After what I went through with losing my beloved Streusel after being put out for the dental cleaning, I am petrified to ever have a dog of mine put under anesthesia. I would not want it done at home for that reason. Can you imagine if I had had her home when she had cardiac arrest? But then, from what you wrote, your vet hospitals are NOT the same as here in the US.

Hope the kittens don't go after the stitches. I imagine you won't get much sleep tonight as you'll be constantly checking on them.

Seeing them asleep with their eyes open would freak me out too!

Sasha didn't get Asya, did he?

Rachael said...

Oh my, that makes for interesting dinner conversation!

Actually, my cousin "snip, snips" boy cats all the time in her barn, but spaying for a female cat is quite a bigger deal. I must say I'm pretty surprised he did it in your kitchen, but glad it all went well!

Our kitty, Spot, just got "fixed" a month or so ago. She had to spend the night at the vet and was pretty sleepy and low appetite for several days after.

Muddy said...

I kept reading thinking at any time in the post that there would be an "April Fools" in there somewhere. Seriously, having the vet do this in your kitchen is definately different. Thank you for blogging about it (and thank you for not taking pictures!)

Tina in CT said...

Diane was clawed by a cat at the house where you used to Nanny. Her doctor told her to come into his office right away as a cat's claws carry many germs. She couldn't as she was there with a newborn and no car seat. She could not go until the end of the day. Her leg got swollen and infected inspite of the antiseptic that she put on it all day long and she was put on antibiotics. Even though your cats are not outside, they go in the litter box. You need to call your doctor.

Tina in CT said...

I just spoke with my vet and it's about $250 each for cats.

HRH said...

That is a new use for the IKEA stuff I hadn't thought of! OMG. That sounds so crazy. But our vet does come to our house, just in a RV. I think you got a deal on the price. I am glad they are doing well.

Anonymous said...

this story is hilarious...will be hard for you not to think about it when you go to eat or do crafts on the table. sounds like "another day in moscow" to me......doesn't make me miss it any less though :)
(see my other blog comments)


garnet said...

You are a better woman than me. No way, no how would this happen in my kitchen!

Sounds like you had a good vet, though. When we had one of our cats done she started swelling up -- maybe because she was picking on the stitches -- so we took her back in and the insane whoever it was (vet?) wrapped something like duct tape around her middle. Naturally, within just a few short minutes she had that tape all twisted up in her fur.

My husband spent literally hours unpicking the hairs one by one from the tape as there was no other way to get it off. I can't imagine it was in any way a pleasant process for the cat, but amazingly she (and she was normally very skittish and didn't like to be held) let him do it.

Needless to say my husband swore we were NEVER going back to that place again.

Tami said...

Shad makes housecalls...maybe I should have sent him over! :) According to my vet hubby a spay usually runs you $70 and a neuter $50. Now that's in middle America. We're cheap here. If you were on either coast you would more than double it. Plus if he would have made the house call (although he NEVER would have done a surgery on a kitchen table ;>) he would also have had to charge you a 'trip charge'...I have no idea how much those cost.
Sounds like you got a pretty good deal.