Saturday, May 31, 2008

Activities from Kids' Menu

I thought some of you might enjoy printing these out for your own kids (double click on an image to open it in large format). Coffeemania has a really fun kids' menu; each one is different so the girls never get sick of the activities. They have such delicious food... Their desserts are pure heaven and their latte is the best I've ever tasted... Their prices, however, leave a lot to be desired! Since we go there quite rarely, it's a huge treat for all of us.

I met the man who founded and owns the chain at a prep school fair held in Moscow last fall; his son attends the school where I used to teach in America. I can't imagine how disappointing cafeteria food must be to him after regularly dining in his dad's restaurants!

"Set the Table"
Nakroy na stol (as in "he stole that")

"Whose Noses Are These?"
Chee ehtah nosee (the "s" is pronounced as in "soft")

"Make Lightning"
U-stroy grozu

"Who Lives Here?"
K-toh zdyace (as in "I aced the test") zheev-yoht

"Who's in the Crowd?"
K-toh nahoditsya v tallp-yeh


Annie said...

Thanks for sharing those! Anastasia will love them! They are really very clever and simple, too. I'm impressed...

Also feeling quite sorry for myself that I am SO FAR from the wonderful latte and the lovely desserts. Woe is me! My husband and I always thought Russian coffee was the BEST. I occasionally wonder if just maybe the absolute relaxation we were experiencing as we drank it was part of its charm... I'm not sure.

kristin said...

Thanks, I'm going to print them out for Klaire. She loves this kind of stuff and I always like to keep up the Russian Hertiage!

Rachael said...

How cute. Will definitely print out for the girls. Thanks for this!

garnet said...

These are wonderful. And I think how nice it would be to have kids reading in two different languages.