Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Advertising" in Russian Churches

Natalia: "Mommy, why are there more ads in Russian churches? And why are they wrong?"

Me: (Thinking really hard about what she means. Advertising in the Russian Orthodox Church? Huh? And "more" implies that she's seen ads in US churches. Huh, again? I know that modern society has really been going downhill in terms of commercialism, but it hasn't gotten that bad...) "I don't really know what you mean, honey. Ads? What kind of ads do you mean? For what?"

Natalia: "THOSE ads." (Points to the Orthodox cross in the park). "How come they have two more ad signs on their church sticks instead of keeping it a cross? Like in 'You add two and two to make four?'"

OH!!!! She meant "ADD," not "AD"... Phew! I then explained to her how the Orthodox crosses have two more "sticks" on them than those in other Christian churches--but they're all crosses nonetheless. As far as what she meant by "wrong", her teacher has been very particular about proper handwriting this year--and she noticed that the bottom "extra add sign" wasn't straight the way she thought it should be--instead it was crooked.

Problem solved.


Rachael said...

Very astute observation, Natalia!

P.S. I LIKE your new header. I saw the pink one earlier and like it too, but I think I like this one better. Someone has been playing on scrapblog...

Tami said...

Wow! She's observant! I didn't really pay any attention to the difference until we were surrounded by orthodox churches on our trip to Kiev last winter. Jiminy! Has it been long enough now to say 'last winter'?!

Annie said...

Isn't it wonderful how children think sometimes?

garnet said...

Too cute. And I learned something new here, too. I'd never seen (or noticed) crosses like that before.