Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Afternoon Behind the White House

Sunday afternoon I took Natalia back to the park behind the White House. I was pretty sick, so I just kind of sat there on benches, following her around as she played and rode her scooter. (It is the BEST spot for roller skating/riding a scooter. SUPER, SUPER, SUPER. Winding paths that are very smoothly paved).

She had a great time and asked me to post the pictures I'd taken; she thought the new creatures were worth seeing. So... with no more delay... Meet the elephant.

And the turtle.

And one of the stick men.

Here's the little chapel that sparked Natalia's curiosity about Orthodox crosses.

She spent over an hour playing in this "tree" with a little boy named Sasha. It was great to see how easily she made a new friend and played with him in Russian! Since this year she has pretty much played only in English with other kids, it's reassuring to see how easily she was able to slip into Russian. She'll be fine when she goes back to Russian school next year!


Annie said...

What a delightful spot! Again - I really envy your free time to enjoy the wonderful opportunities around you.

Anonymous said...

Tamara...I so enjoy your blog...the things that you are doing with your girls and the opportunities that you are giving them are so wonderful. I had a lady in my home recently who is from Moscow, her family is still there and her father still teachers at the University...she and I talk about Moscow quite a lot. I have forwarded your blog on to her as she is really longing for photos of her home. I gave her a couple others too...I hope you don't mind. When she was here she glanced at a few of mine and you could hear the love and longing for her was beautiful.

Nataliya said...

What a beautiful park!

Of course Natalia can go between Russian and English - it's so easy for 5-year olds, my daughter does it all the time!

Elli said...

You have a beautiful family !!!!
Какие детки замечательные!

Christine said...

I'm so glad that I get to read your blog. If not for it, I would not believe that Russia has some really neat and nice things. I wish I could go back someday.

garnet said...

Beautiful photos. What an enchanting place. While I guess we do sort of live in a park here, I still wish we had special places like this where we could go.

And glad to hear that Natalia's keeping up her Russian. Lucky her to know two languages so well.