Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Starbucks (Two, Actually) Are Coming to Town...

Yippee! There's a second Starbucks opening on the Old Arbat, this one closer to the west end of the street. It'll be across from Moo Moo, the restaurant with the big black and white cow in front, and just down the road from McDonald's and the Hard Rock Cafe. It, and another location near Mayakovsky, will be opening in about three weeks.

Julie.... If you're reading this... How's THAT for a belated Mother's Day present??!!!


Tina in CT said...

Has Julie had her baby?

moscowmom said...

YIPEE!!!! I wonder if I can pay monthly rental for a table of my own???

Tina, Baby Abigail was (finally) born on the 6th. We are home and doing well. Thanks for asking.

Tina in CT said...


Congrats on Baby Abigail! She was born on my birthday.



A table of your own?


MoscowMom said...

This'll be a bit confusing: MoscowMom is me, moscowmom is my friend Julie! Welcome to the blog, Julie! Can't wait to catch up with you :-)


Tina in CT said...

Got it - both moscowmoms and Julie's reserving a table at the new Starbucks.