Thursday, May 8, 2008

Graveyard of Smocked Dresses (Waiting for Reincarnation...)

Brace yourself, Mom. If you drank, I'd tell you to go make yourself a stiff one. Heck, you might want to go find that 20-year-old wine and pour a glass, anyway. Today I went through all of the girls' clothing, bringing out the warm-weather items, putting away the cold-weather items, and pulling out any items they have outgrown. Feeling the urgent need to find more space, I also got rid of anything I know they simply won't wear...

Ergo the purge.

Some of these beauties would still fit Natalia next year--but I know there's no way she would wear them without a major battle or serious bribery. I have so many other battles to pick with them... It's just not worth it... I did save three dresses not pictured here, and I ended up also keeping the red and blue dresses--numbers 3 and 4 in the second row--after taking this picture (I'll force her some time to put them on)...

On the positive side, I now have more space in the girls' room... And I will in the future, since my mom is no longer working at a children's consignment shop. (That's why they had sooooo much clothing--it cost dollars--if that--per item, including all those gorgeous smocked dresses). We'll miss the bargains, but it will be easier in some ways to have the girls help pick out what they want instead of having Grandma guess.

The other real positive is that before we know it, Kate, my "neighbor"and fellow blogger, will have her adopted daughter... (She teaches at a school in St. Petersburg). Thinking positively, Kate! If you would like any of those smocked dresses (any or all), just let me know! I'll be giving the rest to our cleaning lady for her niece and to an orphanage. I put these favorites aside for you, in case you'd like them... Hanna Andersson and Gymboree... (The ivory faux fur jacket is lined in satin and has the sweetest little bear ears on the hood--soooo cute!) Sizes range from 100-110, age 3-5.

Here's to your future American citizen!

Oh... And I know you love your cat...


Annie said...

Wow! My Lydia was THE MOST docile sweetie and I had that girl wear smocked dresses up to 4th grade! She was the most lovely and picturesque little girl, and I dressed her like a doll and did her hair and had a blast! Anastasia came with a strong sense of who she was, fashion-wise (weird coming from a Russian orphanage, wouldn't you think???) Anyway, I have matured a bit, and found other outlets for my artistic bent (rather than the creation of a charming child for all to see). It was fun while it lasted...... And, funny thing! The reason Lydia could be so extraordinarily well dressed on a Catholic worker's salary was the consignment store! We lived quite close to one, and I could find these adorable clothes for just dollars, as you say. Super fun.

Every time I go through the attic I let a few more "go" - I saved a few but Anastasia wouldn't wear them for anything, and somehow I don't see Aidan's wife dressing any future daughter in smocked dresses.... Maybe Lydia's children? I can hope.

Nataliya said...

I'm kind of lucky - both my daughters still let me decide what to wear. Though I don't have any dresses for them except for special occasions - it's much more convenient to play in pants or shorts! I also love skorts - what a great invention!

Tina in CT said...

Did you hear me gasp here in the US??? No more smocked dresses!!!! Oh how sad!!!!

You let me pick out what you wore through elementary school. I did not have the money to afford all those smocked dresses when you were little and there were not the fantastic consignment shops in the area for me to shop in.

Glad that they will go to help some needy little girls who will love them.

The Sophie Dress dress (#2 in the second row) has the matching one. Bring them both home for me to send to Lisa for Gracie and Hannah please. We can send them to Cecelia when you are here this summer.

I am in a smocked dress depression!!!

Anonymous said...

you always did have the nicest dresses for your girls. i remember the ones that you lent to em ; ) she rarely wore dresses in moscow b/c it was so cold and she didn't like them bunched up in her snowsuit. but is a dress, skirt, skort (the best invention ever, i agree!) or nothing at all, even if it means wearing the same clothes over and over. nothing is cuter than a smocked dress on a cute little girl ;)

miss you!

kate said...

Tamara!! You are too kind, too thoughtful, too generous. THANK YOU! I love Hannas...and smocked dresses. I smock myself and am looking forward to making d2b some dresses. It can't hurt to start her out with some that are already loved. ;> Thank you for thinking of US.

Now we just need to arrange a visit. Wanna come here? There's room for you all! If not, I'll pop down to Moscow.

(When you left a comment saying you had a lot of something for me, I clicked over and thought you meant snow. Then I thought you meant traffic. To both of those I say a hearty NO, THANK YOU--we have enough on our own up here. but to dresses--and that darling flag sweater....I've been wanting some flag clothing for d2b!)


Rachael said...

Kristen and Katya both still let me pick their clothes. But, niether is very excited about dresses. They'll only wear them to church. Once in a great while, I can get Katya to wear on
one to school, but never Kristen.

Your girls are always dressed so cute.

Tina in CT said...

I left a long comment on Kate's blog.

I still am in smocked dress depression. Add to that the fact that I can't be picking up cute dresses and other clothes at the consignment shop. I loved getting all the high end clothes for the girls at bargain prices. Now that Natalia is as picky as Katya, my grandma buying has ended. Depressing!

garnet said...

Oh, I hope all these lovely dresses find good homes with people who will appreciate them. And your post made me grateful that my daughter still, at 7, is pretty willing to wear what I buy for her. And she has no problem with wearing dresses.(Though we do have the big sash problem -- she hates sashes unless they are cinched to the point of knocking out all breath and she hates any skirt or pants that slide off her waist -- which most seem to do now-a-days -- and she is *not* a skinny kid.)

Think it helps that she doesn't see many other kids her ages in different type clothes and she hates going to town and shopping. I also generally buy her clothes over the internet so that I can find what I like in regards to style and material. I was pretty horrified when looking in even basic department stores last summer at how little there is that I like.