Friday, May 2, 2008

Nim's Island

Last month I did a post about the girls' relationship, about how close and sweet they can be--and how they were pretending to be orphans as they played. I was initially taken aback when Katya informed me that I was dead, but--as Katya quickly pointed out--stories are always more interesting if the parents aren't around...

Many of you then chimed in with titles of favorite children's books in which the children flourish on their own, experiencing all sorts of exciting adventures. This film, Nim's Island, fits right into that genre and it got six enthusiastic thumbs-up from Katya, Natalia and me. Abigail Breslin and Jodie Foster are just great together and the animal "actors" elicited many a giggle. (We are soooo excited for Breslin's next movie--Kit:An American Girl--coming on July 2nd!)

A true critic could pick apart the film, but it was sweet, scary just enough without going overboard and funny. The subplot of Foster's neuroses did confuse the girls a bit, but heck--it made me look a little better in their eyes!

Katya had the day off from school yesterday because of the May 1st holiday (Labor Day), but Natalia's school was open. We got up bright and early and took in the 10:15 a.m. showing, then grabbed caramel sundaes and babyccinos before bringing Natalia to afternoon kindergarten. The girls haven't stopped talking about the movie; I'm thrilled that Natalia understood it all--it means that she hasn't lost as much Russian as I'd feared by being in an English-speaking school this year.

To the girls' delight--and mine!--Natalia's teacher invited Katya to spend the afternoon with them at school! (That's why you got a post yesterday--I was able to fit it in after completing my errands).


Tina in CT said...

Glad that you three liked the movie. Good to hear that Natalia has not slipped back with her Russian. This coming year, she'll leap forward with it when she is in her Russian school.

How nice that Katya was invited to stay with Natalia's preschool class. I bet she felt real special helping out with the younger kids. Nice for you to have the afternoon girlless.

Muddy said...

We just watched another Abigail Breslin movie last night, The Ultimate Gift, that was good.

My daughter (17 yrs) is looking forward to the Kit movie as that ended up being her favorite American Girl as she was reading through the books.

Glad you guys had a good outing with a movie and treats!

Tina in CT said...

I think the two of us are just as excited about the new Kit movie as Katya and Natalia are!

Rachael said...

Oh, I took the kids to see it too! They all loved it (Kristen, Katya and Jack -- I didn't take Ben.)

Katya was actually crying at the end but she wouldn't admit it -- she said her "eyes were wet". I think she got a little scared when the little girl was all alone, but still she loved it.

The other day, Katya saw Jack's Indiana Jones Lego box and brought it to me and asked me if it was Alex Rover. I couldn't believe she remembered the action hero from the movie's name, 2 wks. later!