Thursday, May 15, 2008

No More Central Stockmann's?

Stockmann's Department Store at Smolensky Passage has been forced to close--perhaps temporarily. Basically, they're having a disagreement (I'll say!) with their landlord and the landlord cut off all the power for the store! You can read more about it here.

Wow... This is really going to set off wailing within the expat community... While I never did all our shopping there, it was nice always knowing that it was my store of "last resort" when I couldn't find desired western groceries. I wrote about how time-consuming grocery shopping can be here; I'll miss the convenience of Stockmann's central store! (The Stockmann stores at the mega malls are unaffected).


Christine said...

Interesting. I can't believe how business is handled in Russia.

Anonymous said...

there will be an expat revolt if that store closes... ; )

miss you!

p.s. i have "fond" memories of purchasing $16 strawberries there. when i see them for $2.99 here, i think it is a mistake ; )

kate said...

Now you feel my pain. We have ONE Stokmann's and it's been closed for MONTHS while they build a new one. I used it mostly as a milk stop or for an occasional splurge. They have the Valio FRESH skim milk I like--at the same price as Okey...and were just across the bridge (we call it Stokmann's Bridge) from school. They were in WALKING distance.

Now--no Stokmann's. And who KNOWS how long it will take them to finish (haha--Stockmann's...FINNISH)the new building. Mumble, grumble.