Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pay it Forward

My friend Annie had this game on her blog the other day... She offered to send a suprise to the first three people to respond to her post--provided that they promised to then do the "Play it Forward Game" on their own blogs. I was the second person to reply, so I'll be getting a surpise from California :-)

Now, who would like a little surprise from Moscow? First three people to reply--and to promise to then "pay it forward" again-- will get a gift from me (my choice) when I fly to the USA at the end of the June.

"Lurkers" out there... This is your chance to "delurk" and make yourselves known!


traveler one said...

I started reading you two weeks ago and love your blog! I don't really want a gift-- we have the same problem with mail- no mailbox nor do we even have an address! But I felt it was time to delurk and say "hi!"

AdoptaMama said...

Oooh pick me! ;) I came out from lurkerville a few weeks back, but I'm always up for a nice surprise.
I will follow through with the 'Pay It Forward' game on my blog as well.

Can't wait for my special Moscow surprise! Thanks!


Rachael said...

Well, if you don't get 2 more takers, I'm tempted to snap up your offer. But, since I still haven't paid up on 2 of my 3 PIF's from the handmade PIF, I will wait and see if you get any other takers before I commit to another one. (Plus, I'm hoping to "order" some things for you to bring back for me anyway, if you can squeeze them in your ever expanding luggage!)

Annie said...

No; you'll be getting a surprise from MICHIGAN! (Far less exotic and wonderful, I'm afraid.) The funny thing is that I had surprises in mind mainly for adoptive parents and sharing my meager supply of "Russian things" with YOU, would be rather coals-to-Newcastle. So I have to think of something "Michigan".

Dina said...

Oh man! I got here too late! That would have been fun. The blog is looking great, I loved the visit to the park. And the pukh, so much to look forward to!