Saturday, May 3, 2008

Poetry Jam at the Dacha

Yesterday the girls and I spent the afternoon and evening at the dacha of Katya's friend P~~. The girls have become quite close and they were thrilled to get together outside of school. We had been to their dacha earlier this spring (remember how they took Katya home to cheer her up after I stood her up at the big Family Celebration at school?) and being there with so many flowers in bloom was completely different. The kids spent most of the time (when it wasn't raining outside) outdoors and mine relished the chance to play without any supervision.

The yard is completely walled-in; the kids could do pretty much whatever they wanted. They even got to walk to the near-by grocery store on their own!!! (The dacha is part of a high-security complex with no exit other than than the barricaded guard-post, and there are security officers patrolling throughout. The grocery store was down the road within the complex). We gave them some rubles and they set out on the high adventure of buying their own ice cream. My kids thought they were intrepid explorers, the bravest of the brave... I'm so glad they got to have an ADVENTURE. They need that independence! That fun! I treasured my time playing on my own in the forest as a kid... I really want them to have that, too. (As much as your compound/campus may seem claustrophic, Robin, I know that my kids would be so happy to have the freedom to play outside and roam... I guess the grass--or asphalt--is always greener on the other side of the fence!)

I should note that Natalia managed to get her ice cream AND hold onto all of her money by sweet-talking a family member who happened to be at the store to get her ice cream for her... She wasn't too thrilled that I then insisted on taking back her money so we can give it to the needy!

After a DELICIOUS dinner of various Middle Easter dips, olives, breads, grilled eggplant and shish-kabobs, Katya and P~~ were very responsible about going upstairs to get their homework done.

Then they came down to let loose. At first they used my ipod and amazing portable Roxy speakers (highly recommend!!!) to play some Hannah Montana and High School Musical tunes while they danced in the grass. P~~ knows some of the songs because they sing and dance to them in the afterschool "Musical Theater" class (they use all English songs) and then through Katya.

Then they really went wild...

They had...


They've had to learn quite a few poems this year in school--and after reciting a few in a serious manner, they let loose and did them as cartoon characters and rappers! You gotta see it to believe it... I know the video is long for you non-Russian speakers, but I included as much as I did to give you Russian speakers out there a good laugh.

Enjoy! Ahh... you can hear Katya laughing wildly in the background at her friend... It's so nice--and necessary--to enjoy these moments when Katya is at peace, guffawing, a kid without any other cares wearing her down.

OK... I have no idea why the video uploading isn't working... I'll try again in a separate post so I don't lose what I've done so far.

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Tina in CT said...

When I think back to all the freedom you had roaming our neighborhood playing with all your girlfriends, it is so different. Then down at the beach cottage, you and Mary ran back and forth to each other's houses and were outside all the waking hours.

When I was their age, we had two mom & pop stores on the Point and I would walk over there daily (in a wet bathing suit and barefoot)with my money for penny candy or an ice cream. It was so much fun and a ritual. The stores were long gone before you were that age to do it. This day must have been so special for the girls.