Thursday, May 15, 2008

Two Natashas

Tonight Natalia and I went with a family I met through my blog to Mir Dyetstva. They just arrived in Moscow from Murmansk with their adorable almost-four-year-old daughter, Aeniah Natasha.

She is absolutely precious. Her eyes actually sparkle and her smile is equally impish and charming. This little firecracker will have NO trouble keeping up with her four older siblings... and she's certainly going to keep her mom and dad on their toes!

It was fun to listen to her and my Natalia as they chatted some--mostly in our car. I hope it wasn't my child who taught her one of her few new English words. She started saying "Daddy" today... And then added "poop"...!!! She clearly knew what she was saying and was quite proud. Here she is saying, "Hi!"

I enjoyed meeting Nathan and Brandy. They're really nice people and it'll be fun following their adventures as they return home!


Annie said...

SO adorable! They are a lucky family. :)

Tina in CT said...

I left a comment on their blog.

Nataliya said...

They look so cute together!

kate said...

What a cutie! Almost four...great age!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing my daughter & son-in-law around Moscow! We can't wait to meet Natasha. What a blessing you are :)
Brandy's Mom

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our friends. Their four kiddos here have watched the video you posted about 20 times and all of the children are giggling and smiling with such delight. You made our day! A big hearty "Thank you" from ten gleaming children here in the USA.

Team Wong and Team Freeland ;)