Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just So You Know...

(Edited next day at bottom)

When you coat your hair with a pot of Neutrogena intensive lip repair salve, it becomes a solid oily mass. And it doesn't come off with shampoo. The hot water only melts it, making an even larger oily mass of hair.

Just so you know.

Talc doesn't "bind" the oil, easily rinsing out as the tip on the internet suggests. (Knew you couldn't trust the internet...). It just makes a bigger, grayer mess.

Guess I'll have no choice other than whip out my precious bottle of "Goo Gone," brought over from the USA, used only in emergencies (such as the hands covered in gum on Thursday...).

At least the hair will then smell of citrus instead of medicine.

Guess "Rachael Ray" will need a break before her next "television" appearance.

Edited next day:

The Goo Gone actually worked wonders. It made her hair greasy all over, but after a few separate hair washings, she now looks (and smells) great.

And OH, MY, Olga! I can't believe Leo dyed his hair BLUE! I can just picture you struggling with him--and his hair--in your sink! You must have been FURIOUS! He must have been ridiculed at school, though... "Leo the Smurf"... Best punishment you could ever give!

There's probably some color in my parental future... I'll never forget the last time Katya seriously butchered her hair, requiring professional intervention. As she sat in the chair FUMING about having her birthday party canceled (used that money instead to pay to have her and her sister's hair--which she had cut off to Natalia's dismay--fixed as much as possible), I tried to contain my anger and seriously prayed she had learned her lesson.

Instead, she surveyed all the pictures on the salon's walls and said with tone of voice full of awe and first discovery... "People can COLOR their hair???!" I looked up and saw her focusing on a blond model with blue and pink streaks... and I knew right then and there that I was doomed!


garnet said...

I'm sorry. I really shouldn't laugh. I can, in some part, sympathize. My kids went to a birthday party last Sunday where they were given probably the stupidest toy ever. Still don't know what it was -- little plastic dinosaurs in an egg filled with some clear, sticky substance that seemed designed only to get everywhere it shouldn't. No idea what for. Definitely not for the hair, however, contrary to what my daughter believed. Thankfully the tiny scrap of information on the egg had not yet been peeled off and vinegar did work to dissolve it. Hope the Goo Gone works!

Tami said...

Oh man! I'm glad that's you and not me! :) Where do kids come up with these ideas?! I swear I think they're trying to torture us! ;)

Anonymous said...

I ones had to use the sequence of oil, kitchen soap, butter, kitchen soup and repeat it until I nearly drowned my son in the sink.
It had some positive effect - his hair turned lighter color of blue and were soft enough to be shaved off.
But than I sought that because the rest of his body was about the same shade of light blue after the first shower he took to wash the color off of his hair - it is not worth trouble shaving him.
I have to admit he was a bit older and bigger (quite a bit - he was in high school) and hard to fit into the sink which added to my frustration.

Annie said...

Olga - you crack me up! I hope you have a blog somewhere!

MamaPoRuski said...

LOL! I don't suppose you want to be the next "Ask Heloise" but you are getting great material! Where's the pic? :)

kate said...

I have a precious bottle of Goo Gone, too. ;>

Peanut butter might have worked.

If we were in the US, Dawn dishwashing liquid WOULD work. It's what the guys used when we were doing Grease to get the grease out of their hair. It really does take grease out of the way.

Glad you found something that helped!