Thursday, June 5, 2008

The One in Which Tamara's Behind and Clutch Foot Become Permanently Numb

(The pathetic part--or blessing--to being in this endless bumper-to-bumper stream of snail-like cars was that I was actually excited to find a moment when I could get a picture that showed it all spread out before me... I'm sure the people around my car thought I was nuts. I still fantasize about taking my video camera some time and doing a full 360 to give you a TRUE feel for what it's like; you would never, EVER, bemoan traffic in your home town/city in America again).

I had already written the post just below this one yesterday; I just hadn't finished uploading the pictures...

I just read through it again, and my tone seems rather chipper despite all the time stuck on the road...

HAH, HAH, HAH! That's NOT, NOT, NOT how I'm feeling tonight!

Today was hard. REALLY hard. To begin with, I read in the paper last night that within the next half year, traffic jams in Moscow are expected to DOUBLE!!! I can't possibly fathom how that is remotely possible!!!!!! The situation is already so bad!

As I wrote in my earlier post, if I had to be on the road more, I'd be on serious antidepressants. I couldn't possibly take it. I'm so thankful we live in the center and the kids' school (well, Katya's, for now--but Natalia will join her there in a year) is within walking distance of our apartment (yeah, think we're staying put... more on that tomorrow, I think). Chris can get to work with relative ease (20 to 30 minute commute) and I should be able to drive to work in 15 minutes next year and get parking if I arrive before 8:30 a.m. (No direct or sensible public transport from where we live, even though it's relatively close by--just not close enough, especially when lugging books, in bad weather, and in a rush to make it there by 8:30 at the latest).

Back to today... It was hard, so, so hard... I keep thinking of the Dixie Chicks' refrain to "So Hard"... You can watch a video with that song here... (I love that song... It's about two of the singers' struggles with infertility and the lyrics are so honest and good).

I spent...

Drum roll...


I knew that today was going to be "vehicularly intense;" Katya was invited to spend the day at a friend's dacha on the outskirts of the city (near Tyoplii Stan Mega Mall), then I had to go to work for a final review session with the Senior Class before the National English Exam, then bring Natalia to school, have three free hours (spent taking pics for a "guest post" I'm doing on a friend's blog in Italy--more on that later, then cramming as I try to read all of the textbooks I have to teach out of next year), then pick Natalia up from school, drive to fetch Katya at her friend's, and then head home. We left at 8:15 a.m. and got home twelve and a half hours later.

Oh... one more minor detail... All of this was made a bit more difficult when Talia's digestive system decided it was still having trouble after she ate ten months' of vitamins earlier in the week... Love-ly.

I had NO idea it would be as miserable as it was.

I had an 8:45 p.m. phone appointment scheduled with Katya's doctor in Colorado about her insomnia; we only walked into the apartment at 8:42... I had to call the doctor and ask if we could push it back fifteen minutes; I couldn't see talking with a doctor about my daughter's inability to fall asleep when I hadn't even gotten her ready for bed or tucked her in... (I actually managed to wash both girls and get them ready in fifteen minutes! Ah, the benefit of still having no hot water on tap--and a heater that can only provide four minutes of heated water!)

Needless to say, I'm now having a glass of wine and I'm about to watch some more Heroes. I'm addicted. Television (on dvd or downloaded from itunes) as means of escape? Heck, yeah!


Rachael said...

Sounds stressful.

It's too bad you're not closer to a metro station.

How can a city with supposedly the world's most sophisticated metro system have such terrible traffic? Do the neo-Russians not take the subway?

garnet said...

I greatly sympathize with your traffic jams and have heard from others how bad they are in Moscow.

But, but, but! I just can't over how tidily everyone is lined up. How much empty space there is between vehicles. You don't have everyone squeezing in between every little crack and snarling things up so that no one could move even if an opening became possible. Amazing!

bleeding espresso said...

Troppo stress! I'm tired just reading this.

I *am*, however, greatly looking forward to that guest post and the fabulous photos :)

Michelle said...

I live in Kyiv where the traffic is getting worse and worse and I sometimes wonder what it would be like in Moscow! Sounds like life here! :) Glad to have found your blog!

Anonymous said...

i am laughing b/c i look at that pic and know exactly where it is taken from! what a strange feeling and strange thing to say about a city like moscow... what are you doing on that side of town?

miss you!