Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Proud to Finish Kindergarten

Talia's last day of school is today; I made a video of her reading her last schoolbook. (She brought home a new book to read out loud to us every night as part of the reading program). We'll miss her British accent... She's been reading so much with me and Katya at home that her accent is becoming more American. We'll also miss hearing about Flip the dog!

Well, we might not miss him for long... I'm ordering the next level of materials for her Russian school to use with her next year as they continue her English program, Oxford Primary. The program was so well planned; she made steady progress without ever feeling frustrated and she looked forward to a new book every day. (The price is also great!)

You can skip to minute 3:50 to see some really cute talking after she finished reading the book :-)


Marie Louise said...

Hi, I'm just discovering your blog. I am a former ex-pat myself, living and working in Europe for ten years. I love your posts - I have three daughter's myself. I'll be back to visit!

Annie said...


(Also, fun to see your cat in action.)

kate said...

She's a cutie!

I taught Oxford Primary at my school in the UK. I like *some* of their books.

But, the grammar is not always correct and the content can be questionable (imho). I taught the equivilent of grade 3 and I wouldn't let my students read some of their books. Some were too scary (my students had nightmares), some had morals that I question, some just were poorly written.

Just a heads up to preview before you give them to her.

Tami said...

Too sweet! :)