Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bear Lake

The last place we visited at Rocky Mountain National Park before leaving was Bear Lake. It's an alpine lake in a glacial crater and we thought it was beautiful!

My dad and I soon tired of keeping the girls from climbing the rocks that fall into the water, eager to dip their hands in it... We knew their whole bodies would inadvertently follow... So we hiked a little past the lake, where Natalia discovered a vast area filled with rocks. Being the astute children they are, they exclaimed, "Oh! The ROCKY Mountains!"

Talia and my dad had learned about lichen on the hike they went on without Katya and me; he taught me how the colorful formations on the rocks are the result of algae and fungus interacting. 

Here's a close-up of the lichen; it's quite pretty! Hmm... "Fungus" and "pretty" aren't words that I would have imagined putting together in the same sentence!


garnet said...

Oh, that lake looks beautiful. I'd so love to visit this part of the U.S.

Annie said...

There we are. You don't see that in Michigan, so it brings back my childhood. Have been there, too, many a time.