Friday, July 11, 2008

Declaration of Independence

I'll be doing a bunch of posts about Old Sturbridge Village, the "living museum" in Massachusetts where you visit a "real" town as it would have been in approximately 1830. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (to quote Eloise) it there! I have so many wonderful memories of when I visited there as a child...

We spent the 4th of July there and it was the perfect way to celebrate Independence Day. The girls were magically transported back in time, aided a bit by their cute new "mob caps" ($7 in the gift shop). There were special events throughout the day to show how the holiday would have been celebrated back then. 

Both girls were excited about the reproduction (rather enlarged) of the Declaration of Independence. There was a reading of it by a current state senator (in period dress) and then everyone could sign the document with a real quill pen!

Being Natalia and Katya, however, there had to be silliness at the end of such an important event...


kristin said...

Next time you come to MA, we should meet up. We are not far from this and Klaire would have loved it! I will have to go and check it out this summer, it sounds like fun. I hope you are having a great time in the US.
Kristin, Jim and Klaire

Anonymous said...

Girls look wonderful!
Glad to have you on -line again.

Annie said...

How lovely! I LOVE places like that! My great dream has always been to be a reenactor at a historical site.

Well, Lydia and I did that actually, but at such a minor one...and not PRECISELY my choice of past lives (a log cabin where snakes and spiders were occasionally present with us, and where it was MIGHTY cold in the winter).

I want to reenact in an Edwardian home, or Victorian, or Georgian perhaps i.e. Jane Austen... I think that would be one of the most wonderful jobs on earth.