Saturday, July 26, 2008

Horseback Riding through a Gold Mine

Yesterday we went horseback riding near Central City, a former gold mining town that has become a gambling spot... It's rather sad to see how the character of the town has decayed--but it was either add casinos or abandon the town. There was no other industry and the town couldn't maintain itself anymore. In the summer they also host an opera company; ten years ago I got to see a former classmate of mine from junior high school--Jenny Ayres--when she performed in The Magic Flute.

I highly recommend
the stable we used; the owner lead us for an hour and a half on mountain trails that took us by various mine shafts and inside the central structure of an old mine. I tried my best to capture some of the mines and scenery on video; it was much harder than I'd anticipated to do so while riding! Each girl had her own horse and they were in heaven. We all felt like kids again as we relished the joy of seeing the valleys below when we periodically emerged from the paths in the forest.

Talia proved yet again that she's a natural athlete; after the third clip in this video, she almost steered her horse down a treacherous hill instead of sticking to the path... She claims it was an accident, but who really knows... Neither girl was scared a bit and they rode solidly and safely the whole time.

Then we got off the horses and enjoyed peaceful, loving conversation with our angelic daughters who embody sisterly love. If you've read my previous entries since embarking on this vacation, you'll get my drift...


Anonymous said...

what a great mom providing all these hands on experiences for your girls...

Tina in CT said...

First picture on this blog does not appear.

Anonymous said...

did girls ever took any riding lessons or you just put them on the horses and went with a flow?
I am very curios, being such a chicken, when it comes to my own grandchildren, I want to know other people strategies. I do not trust my own judgment anymore, because I was un-opposed by any elders since I was 28, I always did things my way, and some of those ways look to reckless and dengerous to me now, so I geuss, I am going to overcautios extreme to compensate for the past.


Annie said...

Now - this brings back memories! We never did anything as fancy as hire horses (though when I was in HS my dad was given some horses...not docile ones, I learned to my perile). However, many, many weekends we'd drive up into the mountains and explore. My personal favorite spot was the ghost town of Caribou, where there were a couple of little cabins standing yet, as well as some office building, where all the papers were lying around in sodden piles. Since they were OLD to me they were VALUABLE (just because of the oldness - not monetarily) so I collected as many (not many) as my parents would allow, and I still have them somewhere, believe it or not. We also went to Central City many times, and I was haunted, haunted, haunted (sleepless on occasion) by the story of Baby Doe. I have the feeling this is because I will end up just like her. Frozen in a shack. (Sorry, van needs a new transmission and I'm feeling anxious.)

garnet said...

Pretty cool, though your girls look much braver than my kids. There's a lot of horse-riding among the ex-pat community in Nairobi so my daughter has heard of it from friends but only recently did she express any interest. They both got a chance for a very brief ride this summer and I think that cured her interest. She was quite nervous.

And beautiful pictures once again.