Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not Quite a Tour de France Victory, but...

(Edited on Tuesday, July 15th)

Tonight it was Lance.

Lance-Armstrong_jpg.jpg Lance Armstrong picture by joshuajones1974

Tonight I ran 3.66 miles without walking at all, without getting tired, without actually breaking into my usual sweat. For the first time ever. I could have kept going, but the gym was closing. Average pace was 11 minutes per mile. I had been doing 10.24, but I'd get winded periodically and slow down. By going slower, I was nice and steady and full of energy.

At the end of my workout, Lance "popped by" and congratulated me for my effort. Yeah, I am LOVIN' my Nike + ipod sensor...

Can't wait to go running tomorrow! 

For the first time since I started this whole crazy Half Marathon thing, I believe I can actually do it! (I'd been faking it up until now, following the training program carefully and seriously, but still not certain I'd actually pull it off...) Guess it's time to officially register for Chicago (September 14th) and get that plane ticket!

Edited next morning: Okay... This morning I wasn't rushed (the gym was closing last night, cutting my run short). I just kept on going at an easy pace and I ran 7.4 miles in one hour and 22 minutes! Hee haw! I only took a break to use the bathroom as quickly as possible, fast walking the first half mile back on the treadmill afterwards to avoid injury. All in all, that's more than half of the half marathon, at a decent time! I CAN do this! It's also pretty cool that I've now gone past the 100 kilometers mark :-)


Annie said...

I can't for the life of me imagine RUNNING, so now I feel pressured to do something else REALLY, REALLY GOOD ..... Daily Mass? Daily Mass goers always make me feel inadequate in the same way runners do.

But, I am very impressed! Still - I should expect that you'd add athletic brilliance to your other brilliances!

Rachael said...

Yeah! Good for you. I'm impressed. I'm going to have to get in gear to keep up with you from the sound of it.

And Annie, you know: many people compete in 1/2 and full marathons as walkers. You don't have to run!

garnet said...

I'm impressed. I could never even run a quarter of a mile. Never have been able to do so. I do good to go walking for maybe three miles some evenings.