Thursday, July 10, 2008


My MacBook arrived! Alas, by the time I could take it out of the box and go in search of a WiFi connection, all that was open in my mom's small town was McDonald's... I was turned away (queu the sad music) from Starbucks; they were locking up as I tried to enter...

So here I am, with my wonderful new computer, afraid to even put it on the dirty table. I'm gingerly cradling it on my lap as I connect long enough to download some podcasts and write this post. (I'm getting bored running and I need something new to listen to)

Tomorrow I'll upload recent pictures and do a "real" post, I promise!!!


Rachael said...

Yeah! You got it! I was hoping we were going to get a post before you went back home again.

BTW, received your package today. Awesome! Thank-you!!!! I need to call you before we leave for our trip Saturday. Email me your mom's number -- I had it but, I can't seem to locate it now.

Tina in CT said...

I'll email the phone number to your mother as I don't have your email address here at work. Ask her to forward it to you.

We still don't have the hook-up at home.

By the way, our phone connection died last night so I have to call the phone company this morning.

Have a great vacation.

Annie said...

That will be very nice!