Friday, July 11, 2008

Tiger Spoke to Me


Today after I worked out I was surprised to hear him congratulate me on my fastest mile ever. "This is Tiger Woods! Congratulations on your fastest mile so far!"

When  I ran 3.5 miles tonight, I averaged 10.24 seconds per mile! I've run on a track since arriving in CT, but the heat was really getting to me... I was thrilled to get a coupon in the mail yesterday for a trial 2 week membership at a local gym--so now I'll get use the treadmill in their LOVELY air conditioned facility. I only took one fast walking break during the whole workout, too! 

This is a really big deal for me... I doubt I'd ever run more than a mile at once before I started training for this half marathon. We had mandatory runs in junior high for soccer, but I was always almost last and we didn't go that far... Two of the gals doing this Half Marathon in Chicago with me used to be runners and have done full marathons before... Gotta keep up even a wee bit!

Apple Nike + iPod Sport Kit for iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G

Can I just say that the Apple Nike+ sensor for my ipod is the coolest little gadget??!!! One little oval sensor is hidden inside my running shoe. Another little sensor plugs into my ipod, turning it into a personal trainer. I chose how far I plan to run and the ipod then coaches me, speaking over my music, to let me know how far I've gone/how far I still need to go/how fast I'm going. For $29! 

When I synch my ipod, my workout data is automatically sent to my personal Nike page and presented in charts so I can evaluate my progress and get training advice. I've yet to use this feature, but a friend told me it's fantastic. You can then join the community of other runners using the sensor, forming training clubs and running races against each other (you agree to run a certain distance and your sensors keep track of your times). 

Oh... I came across some great Adidas ads from 2000 that I thought some of you fellow runners might enjoy...

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Rachael said...

Yeah for you! You're doing great on your running. So glad you're enjoying it too.

I feel pretty guilty now that I didn't run yesterday. After I talked to you, I watched "So You Think You Can Dance" and here you were running. Yeah, I should feel guilty.