Friday, July 11, 2008

Time Warp

So... I've got my new cool laptop... 

But we still have no working internet at my mom's, so I've tried to snag moments of WiFi connection where I can--but it's not as easy as I thought... Since I don't live full time in America, I don't want to sign up for wireless annual subscriptions... and the free WiFi at Starbucks didn't work at both cafes I tried today. Got it to work at Panera, but you couldn't open hotmail there. Ditto for McDonald's, where I'm stuck stopping right now... Can't even read or send e-mail!

Today I got some help figuring out some problems I was having synching my ipod from the amazing folks at the Apple store. How neat it would be to live in America with "Mobile Me" membership... All the data on my computer would automatically be backed up on their servers, and my ipod and phone automatically updated (very cool when you use your phone as an agenda). I could access my home files from work without bringing my laptop with me... I would have loved to leave my professional Nikon at home on a regular basis, thus protecting it, and snapping those random daily shots with my phone--but it turns out you can't buy an I-phone without also committing to a two-year ATT contract. Ugh. So much for that. 

I'm sure a lot of this technical stuff will make it to Russia soon--but it will be much, much more expensive there, making it currently impossible to take advantage of it... 

In any case, back to that whole "time warp" stuff. 

In addition to my mom's internet and computer not working (after I paid to have the computer fixed... yeah, gotta bring it back again...), NOW HER PHONE LINE IS DEAD, TOO!

That's right! We can't even USE THE PHONE!!! 

My mom only uses her cell phone for emergencies, so she doesn't have a plan that would permit us to just use that liberally until the landline is fixed. 


The phone company estimated it'll be a week before they get the phone fixed!

Talk about WITHDRAWAL!!!!

Wow, what an incredibly boring post for y'all...

I guess I should be doing other stuff than using the computer, though... I need to go through all the books my mom has put aside for the girls, all the clothing for the coming year, all the Christmas and birthday presents I've ordered over the internet when they were on sale... Gotta pack it all up with the next week... I've also been busy reading the textbooks I have to use in my classes this coming year.

I did, however, buy a card reader today so tomorrow I'll upload some pictures and do a "real" post. I'll also get to reading some of your blogs soon, too...

Many of you will have heard from me today, though, or will be in the next few... The "Russia Fairy" brought back some goodies for many of you friends! I actually used the postal service! 


garnet said...

Hope you're enjoying your Macbook. I love mine -- and after my husband made all sorts of disparaging comments, guess what he bought the next year!

Got the package today and they are just lovely. Thanks so much. I'm wishing it were Easter already so I could get the kids to using them. I sent your things off yesterday but unfortunately, due to unexpected circumstances, was not able to mail them myself so didn't get to include a pretty little note like you did (I really *had* planned to). So just know that they come as appreciation for all the time and effort you've put into sharing about Moscow and Russia and enriching all our lives.

It is three in the morning and we are running out of plastic containers to pack in so I think I'm heading to bed. I told my husband this evening that at this point I'd willingly pay someone hundreds of dollars just to do all the packing for us. No such luck. Hope yours takes less time than ours does, though it sounds like you are mostly doing it on your own, which I don't envy.

Katya said...

We got something from the Russia Fairy yesterday. Ben read the first two chapters last night!
I lost your mom's number when I lost my cell phone so I can't even call you. Email me your contact info..

Anonymous said...

Our Russian fairy arrived too...thanks you sooooo much RF....we love the Egg kit and might break it open early and decorates eggs before Easter since it is just so cool.

Thanks again T