Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yeah, Good Luck with That...

As I put the girls to bed last night, Katya was deep in thought. 

Katya: "Mom, you know, I've been thinking... All I really want is a horse and to fly business class..."

As I said in my title, Good Luck with That!!!!

The neighbors here have horses and it's, well, normal to have them. It's not "we're so rich, look at our horses;" it's more, "This is Colorado, we live on a mesa, this is life here!"

And then that kind United agent just had to go and introduce my kids to the pleasures of upgraded travel in Business Class....

Yeah, baby, me, too.

(In response to your comment, Annie, about how Lydia slept through her flight in Business Class: I was sooooo darn tired, but I just couldn't let myself take advantage of the fully-reclining luxury seat and sleeeeep.... I didn't want to miss a single detail!)


Tina in CT said...

Not suprised!

garnet said...

I'm with you, Katya. Well, maybe not on the horse part, but the business class . . . oh, yeah!

I wonder if I'd sleep. That's what I always dream of doing, at least on the overnight flights, since there is no way, no how, that I can sleep sitting up and I'm always a wreck after staying awake all night.

Annie said...

JUST the way I would have been, if upgraded to the "good seats". Fully "at attention" - knowing it wouldn't happen again anytime soon.