Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cows with Croutons

Bet that title hasn't been used before!

The Moo Moo cow* on Old Arbat Street must've been hungry; she's got a bag of Russian croutons (sukhariki) resting on her nose. 

*Moo Moo is an inexpensive buffet-style restaurant throughout the city where you can get good traditional Russian food at low prices. Definitely a good place to go with kids; you can find mashed potatoes, fries, Russian-style hamburger or chicken patties, hot dogs, blini (Russian crepes), pelmeni (Russian tortellini) and soups.


Anonymous said...

Oh, just reading the menu made me feel hungry!

Natalie said...

Oh, I love mashed potatoes!

Jenni said...

Wish I had known about Moo moo when we were in Moscow!

Tricia said...

Love love your blog! It makes me so excited about returning to Moscow. We are adopting our little girl and heading there this Friday! yea!
THanks for your fun and whimsy American girl view!

Marinka said...

Oh, but suchariki is so much more than croutons!

I love the Moo Moo.

Christine said...

Hey, I have pictures of my girls on those cows!

Melissa Q. said...

If you get a chance (and I know you;re busy) can you log into my page? It's stuck with some kind of option to uplaod a website but no pics.

I think you still have my pasword...

hop things are going more smoothly now as you are a few weks into school and work.