Sunday, September 14, 2008

Morning Coffee, Empty Streets

I woke up this morning and realized that we were almost out of coffee; there certainly would not have been enough for Monday morning.

I have to have coffee on Monday mornings.

Especially tomorrow... I'll be leaving this morning with the girls to visit our landlady at her dacha, then we'll swing on over to visit Swedish friends who moved away this summer -- and are back this afternoon to pack up the rest of their stuff. 

Then home again, alone, to deal with dinner, bedtime... And all my preparations for tomorrow's classes, not to mention the rather detailed plan of everything I plan to teach in my classes until December -- including assignments, assessments dates, etc. I never had to do that in the USA and it's daunting! I've only met with some groups twice; I hardly know the pace we'll work at! It's a government rule, though, that such papers be filed. Don't know why I didn't have to do it last year at the other school. 

Oh, yeah... And I'm still sick. The doctor switched me to a different antibiotic; I hope this one will work better against the sinus infection. (I want to feel well enough to run!)

In any case, back to coffee.

Sunday mornings you can count on pretty much empty streets... So I drove rather quickly to Starbucks and got a bag of beans. Old Arbat Street looks so pretty as it wakes up... I only saw a handful of people while there.

It was so darn easy to hop in the car, get that bag of coffee, and get home again.

Almost felt like America.


Anonymous said...

now, i wake up, (after dreaming about your apt last night!!!), to seeing pics of arbat?!? thanks for the "double whammy" - this is almost too much to bear.... i can't show these to jerry as moscow was all we talked about last night.

miss you!!!

Annie said...

I had some amazing people-watching moments in that place.