Thursday, September 18, 2008

Russian Riddle

Katya absolutely loves word games, or "Ребусы " as they're called in Russian. She came up with this one the other day:

Got it? фонари (as in, "fo" na "ri", headlights) Yeah, I know that she wrote "a" instead of "o," but it still is very clear...

Here's another one from a neat site I just found: 

Пока дети - каждый в берете, повзрослели - шляпы надели.

(Those of you Russian speakers who want to figure it out can then scroll down for the answer... It's not easy!!)



Anonymous said...

The one you found may be hard but the one Katya made is very simple and clever. My prize goes to Katya's!

Varia said...

Another good website with Russian riddles is