Saturday, September 6, 2008

September 1st: Natalia

We've been rather worried about how Natalia would make the transition from being in a small British kindergarten this past year--where she had a very close group of good friends--to returning to the international Russian kindergarten where she used to go (but where none of her friends remain; they've all moved away). Judging from the fashion show she put on before heading to school, she wasn't too worried...

Chris accompanied her to the first day of school festivities (it's a big deal here in Russia) because I needed to bring Katya to her own school celebration (and then scurry on to work--for MY first day of school). She proudly put on her new outfit, backpack and clutched her beautiful bouquet  (all schoolchildren in Russia bring one to their teacher). 

The school just relocated and the new facilities are very nice (too bad the new rent means a much higher tuition, though...). I sent a camera with Chris and he did manage to get a few pictures... Unfortunately, he didn't take any of the super-cool murals on the walls throughout the school; I'll have to do that some time. In the meantime, here's Natalia with some of the other kids:

Here are the tables all set for morning tea (they have it in the afternoon, too).

Here she is giggling...

And for some reason, my husband thought it important to also have a keepsake photograph of the miniature toilets...!

She sobbed and sobbed as he left, but soon stopped once he was gone. A teacher I really loved then asked Natalia to be friends with another little girl who had never been there before and was feeling particularly shy; that's all it took for her to make a new friend and her mood instantly changed. 

She has been relatively happy about school all week, but she does miss her friends (most of whom are together in the first grade at an English-language private school here in Moscow). Surprisingly, she hasn't complained about speaking Russian all day. She's quite behind the other children in reading and writing in Russian, but has already started to catch up. 


Annie said...

It would be interesting to know why you chose the specific schools you did for your children.

I love the photos. (Even the restroom.) Mini-toilets ARE cute somehow. And you might as well get a photo - seems you are paying dearly for them.

Annie said...

Do you have some secret for putting more than one photo in your post? I MUST be missing something.

garnet said...

I had to laugh at the toilet photo. At least one of them did seem to have a seat off to the side. That absolutely drives me crazy here -- the lack of toilet seats in the women's restrooms -- and the lack of people using them when they are. Sorry, but women just can't aim like men. I found this same problem in Romania, too.