Friday, September 26, 2008


Talk about an American company truly doing its research to customize its product for a foreign market... Frito-Lay has scored a home run in the flavors they conceived for potato chips in Russia. Just to get the point across, take this little quiz:

Which of the following flavors is NOT being sold by Frito-Lay in Russia?

a. caviar
b. smoked mushroom
c. sour cream and chives
d. cheddar
e. vinegar
f. shishkabob (grilled marinated beef skewers)
g. paprika
h. dill
i. bacon
j. crab

Scroll down for the answer...

e. vinegar

All those other flavors actually exist here!!!! What's even crazier is that my kids LOVE most of them!!!! Can you imagine your kid begging in the grocery store, "Pleeeeeeeez, Mom? Can I pleeeeeeez have a big bag of crab-flavored chips?" I'm surprised they sell cheddar-flavored chips; most Russians have never heard of cheddar and it sure is hard to find here... Here's hoping that the chips become very popular and there will be more demand for the actual cheese!

Here's the online ad for shishkabob chips. 


Anonymous said...

I wonder why.
I actually do not eat the chips, but would think that vinegar should be one of more recognizable flavors on the list for Russians.

Annie said...

That was fun. My children all love the oddest flavors of sukhariki. I like a lot of them, but the smoked fish is really beyond me....yet that is Nastya's favorite.

Anonymous said...

em liked the paprika, which was always the easiest to find at the ramstore by your apartment, for me for me it was yucky!

miss you!

Francie said...

I'm a vegetarian, so I would like a bag of the smoked mushroom flavor! Yummy!
I sent that questionaire around at work and no one guessed it right! I couldn't have imagined some of those!!!