Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Slivi (Plums)

Image:Little Jack Horner 1 - WW Denslow - Project Gutenberg etext 18546.jpg

Katya and Natalia certainly put in their thumbs... They discovered that they love plums, and that picking them is even more fun than eating them. They were city-dwellers on a mission, determined to get every purple fruit from the tree branches outside of our landlady's dacha...

Just look how happy they were! Thrilled to get to spend time with their dad and thrilled to be in the countryside.


Tina in CT said...

Looks like a charming house and I love the red! I'm sure all 4 of you loved escaping the city. It's too bad that there aren't places to enjoy the countryside outside the city so you could do it on Sundays sometime. The plums look great and would make good German Flamkoogen (Ok, so I don't know how to correctly spell it in German.) I'm so glad Chris was able to be with you.

Annie said...

I had to laugh! Great photo of dad!

Anonymous said...

The slivi are notorious - they used to be sold in every kiosk in the autumn in Leningrad, just almost on every corner, there is even a song by the Russian bard from 60 -70's (not about slivi really, he just uses them as an image of the autumn in the city)
I prodauyt na perecrostkach slivi
I obteckaet postovych narod
Shagaet graph on chochet buit szastlivim and on ne chochet schtob naoborot
I still buy these slivi, which used to be called vengerka ( as in from Hungary)in Russia, every autumn here in US.

Anonymous said...

My German is very rusty too, I would guess, it should be Pflaumekuchen.
Are there any better informed linguists available for discussions about plum pies? May be even some recipes.