Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vernadskovo Circus

Last Sunday Natalia and I went to the new show at the Great Moscow Circus on Prospect Vernadskovo. Every fall her English-language kindergarten goes there on a group outing; we got to join this year's trip because some extra tickets surfaced at the last minute. She was so happy to see all of her friends from the past year!

Last year it snowed the day we went! I started to worry that winter truly is around the corner as I remembered how cold we had been on that afternoon, but when I check my post about the circus last year, I saw that we hadn't gone until mid October. Phew!

I was beyond happy with how some of these pictures turned out! Gosh, have I ever said just how much I adore my Nikon?! 

Since this is Russia, after all, there had to be some gratuitous sexual overtones... I'm sure many of the dads enjoyed the rope ring contortionist who this year writhed around wet... Hmmph. She was, however, incredibly talented, especially at extreme hights with no safety wires! (Why, oh why, do they insist on foregoing safety??! I'd enjoy the show so much more if I knew there weren't a chance a performer could die...) 

The best part about this year's show, in my opinion, were the acrobats... I can't even imagine how they do it... It's painful to even think about!

Natalia made a comment after the performance that went a long way in erasing how unpleasant her temper tantrum had been beforehand...

I asked her, "Didn't you think those Chinese acrobats were amazing?! They twisted up their bodies like pretzels!"

She said, "Well, yeah, they were neat, but you can do that too, Mom..."

She was referring to this, a move I can do when ice skating. Nice praise, but not quite the same thing! Not even remotely! I'll take compliments where I can, though. It's still nice to know my little girl thinks that Mommy can do most everything... (Last weekend: circus acrobat. This weekend: kitten-rescuing hero. What's up for next week?!)


Tami said...

What beautiful pictures!

Charlotte said...

WOW ! Amazing ! What a great benefit of living in Moscow ! I got my I-171 for Russia today so am super excited !

Looking for help with my fundraiser to bring my special needs older daughter home from Russia !

Any comment on your blog is so appreciated !


Annie said...

Is this the "old" circus, the "new" circus - or some completely different circus? The acts look so much cooler than those I've seen (even though I think a Russian circus is the coolest thing going!) Perhaps the addition of water.

Anonymous said...

I had the same reaction years ago. We saw the three ring American Circus and a small show of the USSR Circus in NYC in the same year (my kids were small than) - and the thing which distressed me with Russian circus was, that they did not use the safety equipment. I was so scared that something would happened that I could not enjoy the show, and the show was spectacular. And I believe we saw it in the Radio City Music Hall, which is not very large stage.
It must be the age thing and the worry about your children. I think that, because when I was a kid in USSR I adore the circus, thought nothing about the dangers, was contemplating (in very fine details) to escape to Moscow and join the circus school. I learned how to ballance on two legs of the chair, twist the pensil between my fingers and tought my cat to do the tricks. All from the books on circus arts, which I read in droves. And years later I could not even watch the real circus without breaking into cold sweat.

Francie said...

Wow! That is some kind of circus... Bravo to your camera (or did you just get some GREAT seats?) I've never been to such a circus before, sounds just amazing!
Any news on the cat?

Svetlana said...

I love Russian circus. I try to visit everytime we in Moscow.