Sunday, September 21, 2008

Who Said Purple Is Only For Punks?

I'll never get used to the various hues found in old women's hair... Pink, purple, crimson, even blue... Have they all simply had really, really bad luck at a cheap beauty parlor? Or do they actually think they look good? 

Inquiring minds would love to know.


Annie said...

Gosh, I'm surprised you haven't gotten used to "Russian hair" yet! I actually began to LIKE it! Well, perhaps more than the ubiquitous "beige" of older women's hair here.

And look at that posture!!! She has no insecurities to display.

Craig actually LIKED the RED hair (not purple). I had "my lady" put a bit of a red tinge in for awhile, but the blazing red so often seen in Russia could not match MY insecurities!

Tina in CT said...

She looks like a clown!

Your conservative mother

Carolynn and Steve said...

Hi Tamara!

I found your blog through a blog hosted by a fellow Russian adopting family, and have been stalking you for awhile (sorry--I'm coming clean now! LOL). But I just had to respond to this post!

I was on a mission trip this summer in Moscow, and one of the things that we were part of was the consecration of a new church sanctuary out at Vnukovo. There were all kinds of festivities, and one of the groups that came was a group of older women and one man from a Moscow church who sang. And sang. And sang.

The kids in our group were mostly impressed that two of the women in the group had purple hair. Not just one, but two. It didn't exactly go great with the wine-colored dresses they were wearing (IMHO), but they seemed to be very pleased--and they sounded good, too.

I suggested that perhaps I could do that myself when I got older. One of the kiddos told me that I'd look like Marge Simpson's sisters if I did. Ah, honesty!

Thanks for your blog--I do enjoy reading it and hearing about your family and experiences.


Christine said...

Oh my, how becoming! Your mom is right!

Tina in CT said...


I do color my gray but vary between ash blonde and light brown (depending on my mood) but never pink or purple.

Tamara's conservative mother

Tami said...

Ummm...Hmmm...I have no idea what to say. Those women must think it looks good, but I would have to disagree. ;>)
While in Kiev last December, Shad and I would play a game while on the metro...real or bottle. He was never very good at figuring out if the hair color was real or not unless it was the bright orange variety. He nailed those every time! :)

Tina in CT said...

That's so funny, Tami, about the hair color game you and Shad would play on the metro while in Kiev. I chuckled.

Anonymous said...

this post makes me think of that silly poem "when i get old, i shall wear purple", or something like that ; ) that whole "red hat society"...see american women aren't that much different from their russian sisters... : ) if you got it, flaunt it!!!!!

miss you!

Svetlana said...

O,, yea thats Russia:-), you never know what they will come up next. Even older people try to catch up with youth :-)

Ems said...

it reminds me of the "baba red" that is preferred here in macedonia. i hear you :)

Natalie said...

I agree that she looks like a clown. I would feel so unattractive with hair that color.

Marinka said...

This isn't limited to Russian babushkas, you know. We have some of those colors not seen in nature donning the heads of our very own homegrown senior citizens!