Saturday, October 18, 2008

Russian Practice: Today's Specials

You're all doing so well with these Russian assignments that I decided to throw some cursive at you... 

You can see both print and cursive charts beneath these pictures. As if learning to read Cyrillic weren't hard enough, most beginning Russian students really groan when they realize that the cursive alphabet is almost entirely different from the printed one -- and there are variations of it. You see one such variation in the writing above; the last letter in the third word in brown writing with white outlining is actually a cursive "д". Adding to the difficulty of reading handwritten Russian is the fact that many people stylistically combine print and cursive. 

Your first task is to decipher the drink of the day. You'll instantly know two of the three words; the third word you should be able to figure out from context. 

What is the geographic provenance of the variety of the week? 

I wish I could offer up a prize... Say, a taste of the assignment?

Answers: Caramel Hot Chocolate, Asia Oceania


Annie said...

Cute. I do wish I were there.

Steph said...
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Steph said...

Hi Tamara! I love your blog; it's fascinating to me, a longtime lover of Russian pairs skating that began with none other than the great G&G, to have a glimpse into life in modern day Moscow from the perspective of an American.
I am thankful for your new addition of Russian lessons! I love languages and although I studied Spanish for years from jr. high through college, I remain fluent in English alone. I'd like to learn Russian, and your lessons are helping to demystify it a bit.

So, some of the words use Cyrillic letters to spell out English equivalents but some words are completely different? How difficult! Languages are so complex.

On another note, in this long tome of a comment, I was wondering if you were aware of Ice Age II that is happening in Moscow now. I know from the post that initially brought me to your blog that you admire Ekaterina Gordeeva; in this competition she is participating with Egor Beroev. The videos of there performances are up on youtube.

I admire you. It seems like life is much harder there but also very interesting and rewarding. I'd love to visit Moscow someday.

(I accidentally deleted my previous comment...having internet problems tonight.)

Rachael said...

Hey, this was very timely, as I made some Christmas ornaments this past weekend and wanted to write (in cursive) новым годом! I used your chart for practice.