Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween at Our Home

Halloween isn't a holiday here; schools are forbidden from celebrating it because the Russian government considers it to be Satanic and dangerous. The only public mention of it is for parties at bars and clubs; hardly kids' fare. 

The Anglo-American School sells pumpkins and kids there have parties, etc., but other American kids are left, literally, out in the dark. We used to host our own party, but now I'm just not up to all that it entails. 

This year the girls are thrilled that we'll be joining friends at the U.S. Embassy to actually trick or treat... What a thrill for them! We trick or treated there two years ago with Katya's Brownie troop and it was a lot of fun. Halloween used to be so much fun in our Park Slope, Brooklyn neighborhood -- but neither girl remembers that at all. 

In addition to trick or treating, we're meeting up with some other American families at a local restaurant on Saturday so our kids can wear "indoor" costumes (they'll have to wear full snowsuits to keep from freezing while outside at the embassy on Friday night) and run around... Then on Monday afternoon we're going to a party hosted by an American/Russian family from Katya's school (next week is school vacation)

Regardless of our plans, I always decorate for Halloween. This year Natalia helped me to make wax paper ghosts for our windows.  

I also hung some spiders we made a few years ago from our dining room light fixture. The cats do NOT like them.

Seriously, I'm amazed that they're still hanging... I guess Asya ended up realizing they weren't real and decided to leave them alone. Had she so desired, they'd be shredded pulp by now.

No, I don't allow the cats to be on our table, but I just had to get those pictures first...

Last, but not least, the girls helped their dolls to throw a Halloween party at the local ice cream shop...

Some of you have written about your children's costumes for this year; I haven't because the girls can't decide! In years past, they've changed costumes over and over again. In many ways, it's Halloween every day of the year at our home -- so the whole "costume thing" isn't that big a deal here! I miss trick-or-treating in warmer weather; it was always fun to make big, creative costumes out of cardboard... A mail box that opened around my head is one I can remember... 


Tina in CT said...

The decorations and dolls look very festive and I can see how the paper spiders drive the cats nuts. So glad you clarified that they are not allowed on the kitchen table.

You had some Halloweens when you had to wear a winter parka but this year it's going to be a warm one (59 degrees).

Can't wait to see pictures from your fun weekend. Enjoy.

It was below freezing this morning at 6:00 and the past few days have been very cold and windy.

Tina in CT said...

I'd forgotten about the mailbox but what I remember is the Rubix cube. You and your father always were in the cellar before Halloween making those cardboard box costumes. It wasn't my "thing". That's probably where your cardboard box art started.

Carey and Norman said...

Thanks for sharing about Halloween in Russia. I loved hearing about how your celebrate. I can't wait to see some photos of the girl's costumes as I loved the dolls costumes. :o)

Anonymous said...

You have so much more Halloween activities in Moscow than I have in CT. All I have is a pumpkin and no hope of any trick-or-treaters. Nobody showed up in 9 years, so I finally gave up on Halloween.

Natalie said...

You would have loved Halloween this year hear in the states. It was 71 degrees in MI, but just today! yesterday and tomorrow it was and will be cold again. I got so hot running back and forth from the front door even after dark that I thought about putting a short sleeve shirt on. I can't believe they dont celebrate there! That is so sad. It's such a fun holiday. Hope your girls have fun at the embassy, that is really neat to hear they do that there.

sandy said...

I had heard that Russia didn't celebrate Halloween as a holiday so I took out the cute picture of my kids in Halloween costumes from the pics I showed people there. But I had no idea they felt as strongly against it as you mentioned. At any rate, we had a mummy, a baby ladybug and a Russian princess based around a kokoshnik (did I get that right?) we bought at Red Square this summer. I'll post the pics when I finally get the camera out of the car. We had rain tonight in California!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to ask you - how do you make your cats to look so cute, fluffy and neat? Do you wash them and then blow dry their fur? I have never seen such attractive cats.

Anonymous said...

are you ok?
I start to worry when I do not see your entry for more than a week.
Drop us a line, even a very short one , like - I am OK

Anonymous said...

i agree with olga - tamara, are you out there?? drop us a line ; )

miss you!