Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Sometimes happiness comes in the form of one simple green can.

Ginger ale.

Ahhhh, the joy! You can't get it in Russia... So it's a special present indeed. Natalia and I savored every drop.

I remember when Delta began their Moscow-Atlanta flight; we flew on it the second day it was running. When the flight attendant got to our row -- say, 25 -- they were already out of ginger ale. I had asked for it so expectantly, with such enthusiasm, and she could tell how disappointed I was. Evidently, other passengers had also been even angry about it!

 The poor woman was so bewildered; she asked her partner, "What is up with the ginger ale???!" I explained to her that we can't get it in Russia, and most how most expats anticipate that first sip of it once they get on the plane... I think Delta ended up modifying the quantity of ginger ale ordered for the flight as they did for the Moscow-New York flight; now they usually have enough to meet the need!


Annie said...

It is a funny thing about human nature that we crave just the thing we can't get...

I'm sure I have not had Ginger Ale for years....but if I couldn't have it, I might, indeed, want it!

Anonymous said...

Odd, when my wife and I lived in Moscow in the 90s you could get 1.5 liter bottles of Schweppes ginger ale everywhere. In fact, I got hooked on the stuff in Moscow and have consumed more ginger ale than just about any other soft drink since.

Tina in CT said...

When I think of Ginger Ale, I think back to being sick with a cold as a kid. I also used to love making ice cream floats with Ginger Ale and Vanilla Ice Cream as a kid.

When Tamara was a teenager, she loved Coke with fresh lime. We even met her at JFK with several cold ones in the cooler after she went to school in France the month of January when she was 17.

Her love of GA started when she was older.