Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Thought YOUR Car Was Messy?!

After walking by this car, suddenly my car seems darn pristine to me in comparison!

Hmm... Is this the Moscow answer to not having closets, basements or attics? 

So... What's in Tamara's trunk right now? (Kind of makes think of Holly's Fruit Bowl!)

A parachute big enough for 20 kids play with, a box with 20 containers of milk (they don't need to be refrigerated), a 10 lb bag of kitty litter, a huge bag of clothing to donate at a local church, a scooter, a box of crackers (in case of a long traffic jam and hungry kids), one pink mitten, corrected 9th grade homework, a forgotten Happy Meal toy, two deflated balloons from the Hard Rock Cafe, a child's umbrella and a newspaper from last month.

At least all my stuff is IN THE TRUNK!

Gotta clear it out so I can fit the snow tires... Time to put them on...


Tina in CT said...

What a dump! EEEEEUUUU!

Yes, you do have a trunk full of stuff. Right now in mine, I have a sewing machine to go for repair or to the swap shack at the town dump, an emergency road kit and a bag with an old sheet and plastic drop cloth (for plant buying season). Soon I'll be putting in the small snow shovel for the winter to have for an emergency.

adam said...

oh thats funny that you stopped to take a picture, what if you had gotten caught, I hope you had a back-up plan/excuse.

Carey and Norman said...

Oh my. I cannot imagine. I get tired of all the extra changes of clothes and shoes in mine. Thank goodness for husbands that come to the rescue!!

texasholly said...

OMG. That made me laugh. I think my favorite was the one glove. Wha?

Love the pic.

Liz said...

Wow. I should show that to my husband so he would realize mine isn't so bad. :)