Friday, November 21, 2008

Bad Idea

Just because you've known your hairdresser for over a year and a half, and she always does a great job, doesn't mean that you should trust her and then get too involved in your magazine when she takes the scissors to your hair. 

We agreed to make the length of the hair shorter, but I thought we'd agree only  by an  inch. Try almost three. A length that, it turns out, does not flatter my face.

The worst part? Bangs that fall halfway down my forehead. I feel like a plucked chicken. I keep telling myself, "It'll grow...." The bangs will be a normal length in about three weeks... 


Hmm... Perhaps the worst part is that I actually paid for it all -- at Moscow prices... Since I had agreed to make it shorter, and then told I trusted her, I'm the fool.


Tina in CT said...

Did you tell her that you were very upset with the cut?

Rachael said...

No pictures?

Hope it grows quickly. I had a bad/too short haircut last spring, and it was daily torture for a few weeks. I told my hairdresser to please don't EVER let me talk her into that again. If I say short, just ADD a couple inches!

Anonymous said...

this is not what i need to read this am - i am getting my haircut this afternoon after a pretty bad cut last time as well. i even had to reschedule the original appt back by 3 weeks to give it more time to grow out. we'll see what happens today otherwise i may need to find someone else. however, the best cuts all of us have ever gotten were in moscow.

miss you!

Lauri said...

Been there.... mine is a little to blunt at the moment too..

would love to see pics.. prolly is not as bad as you think


Annie said...

Oh, boy! I've certainly experienced that misery.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that we should revolutionize the hair business (or problem) and make an effort to make wigs fashionable again. Than we can cut our hair to any idiotic style our hairdressers inspire to and just cover it all up with a wig.
I am thinking very seriously about starting a movement. Not that I have that much hair to cut, but they mostly manage to mess up whatever little hair I have.

garnet said...

Oh, don't I know this feeling. Right before my first year of college and the taking of the photo that would go in the picture book -- bangs WAY too short. Oh, I hated that picture.