Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Both girls were home sick today while I was at work... Natalia still has bronchitis and Katya woke up very weak and coughing, too.

Instead of just resting on the couch and watching TV all day (which I would have allowed, given that it would keep them still), Katya used her Magic Tree House non-fiction books and various encyclopedias to start a report on dinosaurs... This is very much a rough draft; her work is usually much neater and done in proper Russian cursive. (She also misspelled words that I know she can write properly when feeling better...)

She writes non-fiction reports for FUN, choosing to stay home and do research instead of going places on weekends... So far she has written a ten-page report (perhaps 2 full pages typed) on penguins and Antarctica and a four page report on turtles -- all work THAT WAS NEVER ASSIGNED.

Yup... My eight-year-old reads encyclopedias and writes reports FOR FUN! 



Tami said...

Does she do freelance? I sure could have used her in college! :)

Colette D. said...

I love it! Dinosaurs were a big deal for me as a kid in Ukraine- I was happily surprised that both languages use the same latin names for all the dinos.

Annie said...

That is very cool! I know it reflects on her brilliant mommy.

Anonymous said...

That is very cool!
I actually wrote pretty long report on penguins at about her age and I still remember it, because I liked the process so much.

Francie said...

That is awesome! I like the pretty colors and the drawing of the dinosaur, too! Now, I need you to translate what she wrote, so I won't have to go learn Russian!