Thursday, November 20, 2008

First Snow

We've had very light flurries a few times, but today was the first real snow. It snowed throughout the day, but didn't accumulate.

There was enough snow on the ground, however, for Natalia to make a snowball when she got home from school... She smiled all the way upstairs while I fetched my camera.

So, I guess it's plain to see that Natalia's happy about the snow! Thank goodness my kids are fine with winter; they're certainly in the right place... Katya's pretty happy, too, because of her new polar bear snow boots... (I'm sure you'll see them in another post). 

Isn't Talia's new Land's End down parka adorable? She's quite pleased. It has been so cold the past few days that she really needs it. 

It's too bad the snow has already turned to slush... Argh... The next six months will be "laundry season;" I'll have to wash their outdoor wear at least a few times per week since the slush is often tainted by the pollution and it stains (not to mention is simply icky). 


Anonymous said...

cute coat! i'll have to look for one for em as well ; ) moscow and iowa have been about the same temp wise, and we haven't had any snow stick yet either - it will though ; ) the girls' room is amazing also. you rock!

miss you!

Sheryl said...

She is so cute in her coat. Great color. Looks great on her.

Susan said...

you are sooooo talented!!!
I've been watching Moscow weather. It is beginning to get colder. It was right on par with the Northwest for a long time!

katbat said...

L emailed me today and said it was snowing in Moscow - here it was just blustery - wind, cold and rain. My kiddos were excited and a bit jealous about the snow! Beautiful murals - so sweet!