Sunday, December 7, 2008

Atrium Mall: No More Indoor Gym

View looking up at the autumn-themed lights in the mall

Over a month ago I took the girls and their friend to play at Atriland (Atrium Mall, metro Kurskaya), only to discover that they closed down the play area! We were so disappointed! There were TWO huge indoor playgrounds inside, with three stories of climbing in a labyrinth! That was the only place where older kids could really run off steam during the long winter months (other than taking them to the water park or gym)

Given the current economic crisis, I doubt any plans for building a new play area in the city are in the works... But wouldn't that be nice??


Lisa said...

When I was in Perm last year adopting my girls, I got in trouble at the mall for photographing the holiday displays! Never did figure out what's up with that?!

Since hurricane Ike, we don't have an indoor play area either... the only one we had was at McD's and I haven't seen any activity renovating that location. Fortunately the weather here is tolerable for outdoor park play most of the year though!

Annie said...

That sounds so wonderful. What a shame it is closed! We loved the one a Limpopo - it seemed so much more creative than the one's we've seen at home. Not nearly as large as what you describe, though!

Kelsey said...

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garnet said...

Beautiful photo. Sorry about the closure. This post actually helps remind me to be more content and to remember what a blessing it is that I can pretty much send the kids outside at all times of the year -- particularly when I get jealous of other advantages people in different places have.