Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just Out: American Girl of the Year 2009

I'm excited about the Girl of the Year doll that will be released on January 1st, available for one year. For those of you who don't know, American Girl creates a special doll each year who represents something important about American girls in general. In the books that accompany the doll, the girl learns about how to handle some issue relevant to girls' lives.

Last year's girl, Nicki, had a hard time saying "no" and she had to learn how to prioritize her different activities, volunteering and helping others. She trained guide dogs, and my daughters really enjoyed learning about FIDELCO and those special pups. She also had some troubles with the girls at school; she was friends with girls from two different cliques who pressured her to choose between them. She succeeded in helping the girls to compromise and overcame her anxiety.

Rumor has it that Santa just might have managed to locate Nicki for Katya this year, despite the fact that she was sold out in November of 2007... (Hmm... she's been sitting in our storage unit all that time!)

Chrissa, the girl for 2009, looks fantastic! American Girl is doing something new: they've released her identity before midnight on 1/1 and will be releasing, in conjunction with HBO, a full-length feature film about her on January 5th. Sammi Hanratty stars, a great choice -- we've enjoyed her work on The Suite Life of Zach and Cody in the past. I've also seen her on Cold Case. The topic of the book and movie? Dealing with bullies, mean girls in particular. 

This topic will really resonate with Katya; she developed reflex anoxic seizures when she was six as a result of the stress caused by a girl who bullied her at kindergarten (we didn't know about it at the time). If the American Girl non-fiction books about dealing with social issues and emotions are any indicator, the movie will be very educational.

You can watch the trailer for the movie here.


Tina in CT said...

Guess there will be another doll sitting in the storage unit for 2009! I watched the trailer and it will be a great movie for girls to see and learn from. AG does such a fantastic job with everything they do from life's lessons to the historic dolls with all they teach if you get into it.

I can't wait to go to American Girl Place in NYC for our annual day there the first week of January when you and the girls are here.

Sure wish AG had been around when you were a little girl.

Annie said...

Wow - I hope you are on their payroll!

I do adore the dolls - and love the period clothing (which sadly they've cut down on a bit). And I must admit that I only read one of the books....but I guess I'm a literary elitist. I really felt like the books were not up to the standard of the books I like the kids to read. Not BAD....just not "art" (see what I mean about myself?) I read it aloud to Lydia and we were disappointed a bit.

Anyway - this brings me to the point - while you are here in the US you should get the girls the Betsy and Tacy series. (Maud Hart Lovelace) These are the most wonderful girls' books. I never read any of them until I was an adult and I ADORE them.

Rachael said...

Ooh, I'm jealous you have the Nicki doll. My Katya wanted that one for her first AG doll, and she had too settle for Julie since her mother was not on the ball enough to get it before it sold out! (I think she's forgotten about it by now though...)

I think the new doll kind of looks like Natalia. Maybe you should stash that one away for her.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, Tamara! I'm sorry it took you and your girls so long to get here! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas! Love the new doll - I hadn't seen her yet! Fun Fun! One of my girls will be surprised with Felicity this year - can't wait to see her face! Enjoy your time!

~Donna in CA

Tina in CT said...


I'm SURE it will be bought and saved for one of the girls.


I just read the books this year so I'd know what the girls were talking about. I liked them but then I am a beach book reader (James Patterson, etc.). I left my literary reading behind when I graduated from college and was made to read substantial things.

Can't wait to see the new doll when we go to AGP in a few weeks.

I would LOVE to work for AG and wish the company were around here and not in WI.

Nicki was bought the beginning of last Dec. when stock started to get lower. Same for Mia before Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

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Colette D. said...

Chrissa is actually being released with her TWO best friend dolls as well, yikes! One of them, happily, is South Asian American.

I found your blog searching for American Girl items (I'm an adult collector), but I lived in Kharkov as a child so I've stayed for the Russian content. I'm actually working on creating a Soviet Girl doll from the 60s. She's supposed to be from Khabarovsk!

Anonymous said...

hey tamara!

love the dolls - em is just getting into it. she was always an animal lover, not much in dolls, babies, mommies, etc. she is convinced that santa will bring her a hamster tonight (cmas eve), unfortunately, he won't. she wants a doll that looks like her, then she wants the ice skating doll - not sure of the name. give the girls a big hug from us! merry christmas!
miss you!

Tina in CT said...


Unfortunately the ice skating doll that Emmie wants is Mia (the doll of the year). She was only available in 2008 or until she sold out. I just went to the AG website and unfortunately she is sold out. When the doll of the year is available, they always sell out before the end of Dec. and needed to be ordered in early Nov. to assure availability.


Carey and Norman said...

We haven't bought an American Girl doll yet, but I do love them. Our daughter still hasn't taken to dolls, so we will wait to spend that kind of money on one.

Glad your girls love them too!

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