Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Natalia's Birthday Dancing

Natalia put on this dance show for us last Friday in honor of her birthday. She has picked up on the fact that famous Russian singers and dancers put on big shows when they have an important birthday -- so she had to prepare something for us, of course!

She is growing up so fast... I LOVE the expressions on her face and her pert little pig tail...

I remember how flummoxed her kindergarten teacher was by her dancing last year. She was the only student with an older sibling; no one else had been exposed to "big kid" culture. She corrupted the whole class, sneaking them into the pirate tent for impromptu makeovers and dance lessons.
I took her aside to talk about this, asking, "WHERE did you learn to dance like that??" She thought about it, then innocently replied, "Why, after church at the Hard Rock Cafe, of course!" (You've got to realize that the Hard Rock hosts a great kids' brunch on the weekends and is usually packed with expats after church on Sundays... We're not irresponsible parents!)

In any case, touché!


Anonymous said...

beyonce has *nothing* on her!!!
she and em should get together and form their own girl band ; )
just promise me that you'll play this at her wedding reception!!!

miss you!

Carey and Norman said...

Bust a Move Natalia! You go girl :o)

We went to the hard rock on a Sunday afternoon while in Moscow. I never thought that the families there were expats. Hmm....wish I would have listened harder to their language. It would have been nice to talk to someone while there. Our daughter did have fun playing with the clowns. She wouldn't even think of going into the jumper.

Tami said...

She's got moves! You go girl! Happy Birthday (belated)! ;)

Rachael said...

Happy Birthday, Natalia!

That's quite the little routine.

My Katya can really bust a move too. I always assumed it's the Russian influence!

Anonymous said...

she looks like she's got a great feel for organic movement - maybe she'll make a great modern dancer someday!

Anonymous said...

Great show!

Tina in CT said...

Holy cow, where did that all come from? Hope she doesn't want to be a pole dancer!

Christine said...

This made me smile BIG! Your daughter is just adorable! Happy Birthday Natalia!

Annie said...

I can't believe I missed this originally! It is adorable! She is a real Russian girl! Dancing is essential, I guess.